PIPSC 2022 Timmins Branch (34H) AGM - Tuesday December 13, 2022 - 6:30 p.m. - 8:23 p.m.

Branch attendees:

Roxanne Bedard (President)

Meghan Jones (Secretary/Treasurer)

Michele Charlebois

Patricia Larriviere

Laura Gagain

Meghan Marchuk

April Rimmer (management)

Regrets :

Rene Morin (Vice President)

Christina Miller

Tallia Damini

Marcey Tomiuk

Valerie Martel

Hope Cook

Julie Bennett

Tina Tremblay

Courtney Leonard

Adele Lajeunesse

- Meeting start at 6:50pm

- Review of previous AGM minutes

- Approved by Patricia

- Second by Michele

- Approval of Agenda by Patricia

- Second by Laura

- President’s report by Roxanne

- Explained what the branch does and how it operates

- Talked about President’s meetings that occur 3-4 times per year which entail discussing issues the various branches have, engagement ideas, info from regional and national etc.

- Explained what Ontario Regional Counsel entails and travel opportunity for this

- Explained what National AGM entails, also has travel opportunity

- Funding is $14 per member for our Branch but can ask for additional

- Explained what lunch and learns are

- Talked about decrease in level of engagement due to work from home/Covid

- Branch has been inactive but hoping to change this and get new leadership

- Financial report by Meghan Jones

- Approved by Meghan Marchuk

- Second by Michele

- Positions of the Branch explained by Roxanne

- Meghan Jones resigned from role as Secretary/Treasurer

- Laura expressed interest in becoming VP for a year and then potential to move into President role

- Roxanne agreed to stay on for Laura to shadow  

- Due to low attendance and last minute cancellation of 8 members, group decided that Roxanne would send an email to all members inquiring about interest in joining the branch executive with hope to find a member or 2 to take over Secretary/Treasurer role so that branch does not fold. Laura agreed to discuss at work with colleagues on Wednesday December 14th to spark interest.

- Vote to be held via email by Friday December 16th

- Dinner at 7:30pm

- Meeting adjourned at 8:23pm.

Addendum:  An Email was sent to the membership on Dec 15/22 at 1812, requesting email nominations for the positions of Secretary, Treasurer and VP.  An outline of the roles were within the body of the email.  Robin Martin was nominated for Treasurer, Krista Gamache as Secretary and Laura as V.P.  No other nominations were received via email or calls.  Robin, Krista and Laura all accepted.  Another email was sent to the membership on Jan 6/23 to inform the membership of the results of the elections.  No emails or calls were received to contest the results.