21 June 2019



Meeting Date/Time: 12 June 2019 / 1700 hrs

Meeting Location: Royal Thai Restaurant, Barrie,ON

Attendance Record:

Position - Name - Present / Absent

President Bryan Pellerin Present

Vice-President Mike Doll Present

Treasurer Grant Heryet Present

Social Media Coordinator Mike Doll Present

Recording Secretary Bryan Pellerin Present

Member at Large Jacqui Bonneville Present

Member at Large Mike Clark Present

Member at Large Corey Ellis Present

Member at Large Randy Harvey Present

Member at Large Neil MacKay Absent

Member at Large Shannon Maxted Present

Member at Large Sylvie Savoie Present

Serial Topic

Action / Info

1 Welcoming Remarks/Agenda Review.. President indicated that due to PIPSC National Town Hall scheduled for 630 pm that we would not dwell extensively on Old Business and New Business items not directly related to PSGB AGM 2019 but that the meeting would focus on PSGB AGM 2019 Planning. He also indicated that based on information received at recent PIPSC Executive Leadership training that the future agenda should include review and acceptance of previous meeting minutes. He also indicated that he would be taking more definitive actions on the other two Branch priorities in between Executive Committee meetings and would send out information as appropriate. All attendees agreed with this approach for this meeting.


2 Acceptance of Meeting 2019-01 Minutes.The minutes were accepted as published by Randy Harvey and seconded by Jacqui Bonneville.



a Other Unions Inventory With PSGB Workplace. President will continue to inventory information from all Branch workplaces to maintain an inventory of Unions and their points of contact co-located with PIPSC members.


b PSGB AGM Planning.. Will be discussed in New Business.



a Financial Update.. Treasurer presented the Branch balances and 2019 allocation and spending plan. The bulk of the funds will be spent on PSGB AGM 2019, the spending plan which is discussed in AGM Planning section. President indicated that there are other sources of funds available for activities within the Branch (e.g. Do Better, Lunch and Learns).


b PSGB AGM 2019 Planning.. Accommodations to the agenda and execution will include the feedback considerations from previous AGM.

  1. Date and Venue.. 6 Nov 19. Liberty North in Barrie has been booked, with deposit paid and contract signed. Sylvie Savoie will be the Branch liaison with venue. Treasurer to send contract to Sylvie. Save the Date e-mail sent to members on 1 March 2019 and posted to Branch FB page.

    Grant / Sylvie

  2. Finances.  Shadow budget discussed. Treasurer to coordinate AFS subgroup transfer of their share to Branch in advance of AGM.


  3. Agenda / Timekeeper.  CS Subgroup and AFS Subgroup AGM to be included. Aside from Branch business, agenda will include a vote to accept / deny PSGB By-laws; preparation for 2020 Branch elections; a Union topic speaker and a non-Union topic speaker. 445 pm start and 8 pm finish with timings flexible to accommodate unforeseen agenda revisions.  As it is important to stay on schedule, Mike Doll will act as timekeeper except when he speaks, then Bryan Pellerin will take over.


  4. Welcome Desk. Randy Harvey and Shannon Maxted will coordinate desk.  Considerations will include: name tags; swag; ballots (if required); door prize draw tickets. There will also be a need to identify the quorum for the Branch, CS Subgroup and AFS Subgroup in case there were any requirements for votes to be counted.

    Randy / Shannon

  5. Door Prizes.  PIPSC branded and non-branded items to be obtained. Ideally, non-branded items should be made by PSGB members or sourced from Simcoe-Grey Counties. Executive members to provide their ideas to Treasurer who will compile the information and ensure that funds are available to procure.

    All / Grant

  6. Guest Speaker / Guests. 6 November is during the week of PIPSC AGM resulting in difficulty obtaining a nationally prominent Union topic speaker thus the decline by AFS Group President to speak.  Mike Doll will present Union topic.  Pres will approach a friend who may speak on agreed to non-Union topic (addiction). The back up to addiction will be PTSD (Mike Clark to source a speaker if required). Bryan to send out invitations to ON Region Director, Branch Liaison and CS Group President. 

    M Doll / Bryan / M Clark

  7. Ballots / Feedback Forms.  Ballots for the by-laws vote will not be required as it will be counted via a show of hands. Feedback forms will be simplified.


  8. Set up and Tear Down.  Executive members were asked to help with set up and tear down if they were able.


5 Around the Table. None.


6 Closing / Next Meeting. President thanked all for their participation. Minutes will be drafted and circulated for review. Next meeting is planned for September / October 2019 perhaps at Big Pho.


Approved by:

Bryan Pellerin




President CS Subgroup

President AFS Subgroup

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