AGM Date / Time:        7 November 2017 @ 5 pm                    
AGM Location:         Liberty North, Barrie, ON
Attendance:            44 x PSGB members and 2 x Guests

Serial    Topic    Action / Info
1    Registration / Meet and Greet.  Attending members were provided with a registration package and then had a chance to mingle with fellow members before the meeting started.    Info
2    Opening - Call to Order / Approve Agenda / Accept AGM 2016 Minutes / President’s Report.  Bryan Pellerin, Branch President, called the AGM to order at 5:30 pm.  He thanked everyone for coming and the CS Sub-Group and AFS Sub-Group for agreeing to hold their respective AGM simultaneously with the Branch AGM.  He recognized the efforts of the Executive Committee for their support and efforts throughout the past year and for everyone who helped put the AGM together.  Bryan reviewed the agenda, highlighted that Branch and CS Sub-group elections will take place.  Agenda was approved.  PSGB AGM 2016 minutes were approved with no comment.  

PSGB President then provided the year in review report.   There was Executive Committee turnover but it did not impair the ability of the Executive to conduct Branch business.  President highlighted that Stephen Peever, Branch VP President would not be offering in the election and thanked him for his efforts and support.  President highlighted that no external to Borden workplaces were visited and there would be an intent to visit them in upcoming year.  He also highlighted that he did not receive any invitations to visit external to Borden workplaces in the Branch.

Essential to the work conducted in 2017 was the addition PIPSC and PSGB information option especially via Facebook and Twitter.  He encouraged Branch members to consider becoming a Steward.    Info
3    Financial Report.  Shannon Maxted, Treasurer, presented the Branch and CS Sub-Group financial reports highlighting the expenditures to date, the balances and the inventory.  There were no questions.  Branch President indicated that Shannon would not be returning to the Treasurer role.  He thanked Shannon for her efforts and for keeping us in line with the various rules and regulations.    Info
4    CS Subgroup Report.  Stephen Peever, President CS Sub-Group, presented the CS Sub-Group year in review.  He indicated that he is stepping down from any further involvement in the Branch and CS Sub-group.      Info

5    AFS Subgroup Report.  Corey Ellis, A/President, AFS Sub-Group, provided the year in review info.  He indicated that he was thinking about pulling back on involvement but has decided to stay on to ensure that AFS has the adequate representation and that he would be working to get at least one more Steward in the Barrie office.  He looked forward to continuing to work with the PSGB.    Info
6    Elections.  Randy Harvey managed the Branch and CS Sub-group elections for a 3 year term scheduled to end in 2020.    
A    Branch.  President - Two members were nominated and a vote was held.   Subsequent to acceptance of the election result, the ballots were destroyed.  Elected – Bryan Pellerin.  Vice President – Mike Doll nominated and acclaimed.  Members at Large were nominated and acclaimed – Shannon Maxted, Randy Harvey, Sylvie Savoie, Jacqueline Bonneville, Grant Heryet, Corey Ellis, André Champoux, Mike Clark.    Info
B    CS Sub-Group.   President – André Champoux was nominated and acclaimed.  Members at Large – Syvie Savoie, Shannon Maxted, Mike Doll and Jacqueline Bonneville were nominated and acclaimed.  Secy Note:  Jacqueline Bonneville later withdrew from her member at large position.    Info
7    Guest Speaker - Peter Gilkinson, PIPSC ON Region Director.  Peter provided pertinent information and answered member questions related to issues that affect the workplace and their challenges and efforts that are being made by PIPSC to resolve and improve them.         Info
8    Points from the Floor.  Branch members directed questions to Peter Gilkinson and Bryan Pellerin.    Info
9    Door Prizes Draw.  PIPSC branded and non-PIPSC branded items were made available as door prizes.      Info
10        Feedback Forms / Adjournment.  Bryan thanked the members for their attendance, congratulated the elected PSGB and CS Sub-Group executive committees’ members and thanked Peter Gilkinson for his attendance.  He requested attendees to fill in the feedback form.           Info
Approved by:


Bryan Pellerin

      December 2017