November 6, 2017

Quinte Branch Executive Meeting Minutes

Held in Belleville November 6, 2017

In Attendance:

Debbie Butler President

Bevin Stephenson Treasurer

Doug Austin Member-at-Large

Hazra Hosein Member-at-Large

Dan Weaver Member-at-Large

Steve Ovenden Member-at-Large


Glenn Maxwell Vice-President

Sherri-Ann Cochrane Member-at-Large

Angie Gmitro Member-at-Large

1. Opening Remarks

The meeting was opened at 5:13 pm.

Action By : President

2. Agenda Approval

Motion to Approve – Steve Ovenden

Seconded by – Dan Weaver

Action By : President

3. Previous Minutes

No Business arising from the minutes.

Motion to approve – Deb Butler

Seconded by – Bevin Stephenson

4. Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer’s report was delivered.

Action By : President

5. New Business

a) Co-ordination of Quinte Branch AGM

The date and location of the Quinte Branch Annual General Meeting was confirmed to be Jan 16, 2018 at the Fairfield Inn and Suites 407 Front Street Belleville. Meet and greet from 5 – 6pm. Executive to arrive 3:30 for set up. Dan will bring pop leftover from lunch ‘n learn. Catered buffet from hotel at $26 per person with 25 ppl min. How to handle no shows?

Deb to send menu out to exec for food choices. Price is good. Glenn to be asked for swag, purchase additional with branch funds. Ideas: scarves, water bottles, mugs, backpacks, etc. Have a few really nice items as door prizes: backpacks, laptop bag, chargers. Deb to investigate options. Bevin to look into bank balance and funding cap, advise how much we need to spend before end of year to receive full allowance.

Guest Speakers:

To avoid political this year. Topic ideas: bargaining, sick leave, Phoenix. Potentially, Dean Corda (use for CS AGM instead), Bill Scriver via webinar.

President Butler to coordinate.


Resolution F4 made it in. Roughly 110 delegates to the CLC convention at cost of $500K every 3 years. We should be sending members to be part of it.

CS Budget – no concerns.

Resolution F7 – no supported, discussion that there does not appear to be an equality issue at this time.

Branch was not offered seat this year, however Dan Weaver thinks he is attending.

6. Round Table

President Butler advised that CS survey to be sent out soon on bargaining items.

CRA got better contract that other groups but we had no “me-too” clause in place.

7. Adjournment

Motion to adjourn at 6:38 pm by Steve Ovenden.