PIPSC Quinte Branch - Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Location: Belleville Public Library, Belleville, ON

 Executives in Attendance:

 Dan Weaver President

Glenn Maxwell Vice-President

Debbie Butler Secretary

Bevin Stephenson Treasurer

Angie Gmitro Member-at-Large

Sherri-Ann Cochrane Member-at-Large

Steve Ovenden Member-at-Large

Jamie Buell Member-at-Large

Guest Speakers:

Stan Buday President, CS Group

Sara Guillaumant-Fitzgerald Employment Relations Office, Toronto Regional Office



Action By

  1. Approval of Agenda – Moved Jamie Buell, Seconded Glenn Maxwell.  All in favour


  1. Approval of 2017 AGM Minutes – Moved Deb Butler, Seconded Dale Holland.  All in favour



  1. President’s Report

-          The President highlighted what went on at the PIPSC AGM the week before our AGM.

-          Once again in 2018 the three pillars of Science, Outsourcing and Tax Fairness were consulted with members of the Federal Government. With another election less than a year away PIPSC will be very active in consulting with all members. 

  1. Financial Report

-          The Treasurer motioned to receive the 2018 financial reports and the 2019 proposed budget.  Seconded – Dale Holland.  All in Favour. The budget was approved, with acknowledgement that this was not the updated version and that a new one will be presented to the Executive and the Executive will pass it on to their members. 

  1. Elections

-          The Vice-President’s position was acclaimed.

                   Glenn Maxwell       Vice-President


-          The following members were nominated and   acclaimed:

                    Hazra Hosein         Member(s) at large

                    Lisa Shears

                    Kendra Moore 

  1. Guest Speakers

Sara Guillaumant-Fitzgerald, Employment Relations Officer, Toronto Regional Office.

 Sara presented the audience with a presentation “Legalizing Cannabis – Recreational Cannabis and the Workplace.  This presentation was very informative.


Stan Buday, President, CS Group

 Stan spoke about what was happening in Bargaining and the relationship between the AFS Group and the CS Group as well as other Groups within PIPSC. 

  1. Round Table

               No round table items were presented.

  1. Next Meeting


  1. Adjournment

          8 pm Motion to adjourn – Shelley Moring, All in Favour