Executive Meeting of the Hamilton AFS Subgroup,  And The Hamilton Branch - Tuesday March 26, 2024

Executive In Attendance:

Branch:   Tony D’Amico, Ward Cluff, Roxane McMillan, Joe Stanziani, Jaspreet Gill, Heather Geddes, Chris Bozek

Subgroup: Ward Cluff, Zaigham Butt, Joe Stanziani, Roxane McMillan, Tony D’Amico, Lucy Bourak, Heather Geddes, Jaspreet Gill, Chris Bozek,

Guest: Chris L’Estrange, Ali Rajavi (new member)

  1. AGM Discussion

Asked Zaigham to get a quote for Michael Angelo’s and if not Roxane will book Liuna Station.

  1. PIPSC Discussion

Guest Chris L’Estrange from the Region spoke about the Jerry Hunder Cup.  It is for the most active groups in Ontario. Tony will look into this. Closing date this week. If we win, our name is on the Cup. Discussed where to put it if we win and thought about the 3rd floor in Hamilton in a glass display case. Chris said our Branch is most active in Ontario.  Chris is looking into possible prize for winners as well and a celebration.

  1. Steward Training

Advanced Steward Training coming up. May 22-25 in Niagara on the Lake. We are encouraged to attend.

  1. Steward Council

Steward Council is this fall at the White Oaks in Niagara on the Lake

  1. By-law Changes

Need to be updated for the AGM so they can be passed. Need to have them done for April 29 so Tony can bring them to the BLPC committee (whatever that is).

Changes to:

  1. Bylaw 5: Finances
  2. Bylaw 8.1.4: Agenda of AGM – have to add in Approval of budget
  3. Bylaw 9: Rules of Procedure – no longer use Sturgis parliamentary procedures and now use AIPSC (whatever that is).
  4. Add10.5:  Constitution and Bylaws
  5. Change bylaw for Date of AGM
  1. Bison Baseball event

Ward is planning – getting a party deck or suite of some kind.  Decided to charge $XX/person. June 30/24. May get food for people as well, depending on funding. Members can bring 1 guest.

  1. National Day of Mourning

Zaigham requested $XXX to purchase a wreath to donate for the National Date of Mourning in Hamilton April 28 at 1pm. He and Roxane attended last year and plan to again.

  1. Sick Days and in office time

Those who miss an in-office day due to sickness or vacation do not need to make up those in office days.

  1. AFS President’s Meeting

Asked Zaigham to go. Initially they wanted to do this meeting virtually, but membership disagreed.

  1. ADDO Schedule

Union has a Memorandum of Understanding about ADDO schedules and there are no limits for compressed schedules. The memorandum says our at home work time can be from 6am to 6pm. In office are office hours.

  1. MS Teams availability

There is no requirement to have MS Teams on at all times

  1. Union Contract

New contract should be implemented and many have already gotten backpay and have salaries should have been updated because that deadline is passed.

  1. Retro pay and Signing Bonus

Retirees get retro pay but do not get signing bonus – this is available only to current employees.

  1. AFS Elections

Elections coming up – will be getting an electronic invite

  1. Membership

Currently have 338 members; 2nd or 3rd largest group in Ontario.