Minutes of GTA Branch Meeting - October 10, 2019 - 5:30 pm

Rally Restaurant and Bar

4950 Yonge Street,

Toronto, Ontario



Present: Regrets:

Stan Buday Yu Gao

Andrea Agh Nusin Brown

Roy Phillip

Alice Da Silva

Yvonne Snaddon

Stephan Moushian

Kuini Chen

Nang Quach

Joanne Welby


Review of Planning Calendar

Report re Toronto Branch Request and outcome



Steward Appreciation

Picnic Review

Lunch and Learns

Round Table

Meeting called to order 6:02 pm.

Approval of Agenda – Moved by Joanne Welby and seconded by Stephan Moushian

Planning calendar review

Meet and greet with CFIA not done.  Will reach out to set up a lunch and learn session with this group. 

Action:  Roy Phillip

Labour Day parade was well attended.

Notes and suggestions from Branch to Regional Executive for consideration regarding future parade organizing. To assist in a smoother planning and day.  Consider:

·    SPOC – single point of contact.  E.g. 1 email, one person and contact info to send RSVP’s.

·    Option setup an event bright session with one person and a back up to administer site RSVP’s.

·    Share the Regional Executive’s general email address if need be.

·    Send email invites out early and resend a reminder.  Planning started earlier will help with less questions and confusion closer to parade date.

·    Once people arrive, have them sign in so you can track who attended and tally how many.


Stan went over how AGM delegates are picked and how many can go from our Branch

Stan is gong but as part of the CS group

Yvonne and Kuini are attending as reps of the Ontario Region Executive.

Andrea declined attending this year due to family scheduling conflict

Roy Phillip is attending as representative for the branch.

We lost a seat this year due to not being aware that if Andrea was not attending and declined that the seat was lost completely.  This is a new thing this year. Due to changes in attendance allowance numbers passed via a resolution at last year’s AGM.  

If invitees decline and did not respond these seats were lost and not reallocated to others wanting to attend and waitlisted.  Branch felt this was a wrong approach and that a waitlist should be kept and referred to as invitees decline or cancel. 

Steward Appreciation Dinner

November 13th 2019. Location:  Spiga Restaurant on Yonge Street south of St Clair.  Invitations to be sent out shortly.  RSVP to GTA Branch mailbox.

January 9th date picked for Post-Christmas Blues Social to be at the Church Mouse downtown.

Action:  Kuini Chuen to create, invite and send to Yu Gao for distribution to members and to be sent to Heather for translation and posting to PIPSC GTA Branch site. 

Events Research:

Action:   Joanne Welby - Family Bowling night location, costs and report.  Need possible date and numbers we could accommodate potentially.

Action:  Yvonne Snaddon - Marlies game – Group of 40.  Tickets and costs.   Perhaps have PIPSC Better Together scarves as handouts.  One person to organize.  Setup up a bank account to take in deposit monies for attendees.  To ensure RSVP’s show up to event have members pay a percentage of ticket prices.  See what tickets include.  Seat, food and drink voucher.  Set a meeting point for members to find Executive and get tickets or to get signed in and their handout item scarf or toque.


Budget review and bank balance given to the Executive at meeting by Roy Phillip.

Picnic Review

Picnic went very well.  Successful turn out. Many turned out.  We may be outgrowing our picnic location.  If we decide to open it up past 125 people the branch needs to look at other parks in the GTA to host next summer.  Maybe a conservation area.  Review of who attendees are.  Allow only immediate family due to overwhelming numbers.  Some RSVP’s were turned away this year due to the number cap reached.  But then some members did not show so this was not fair to those turned away.

Ruling:  allow immediate family only.  Only those that live together in the same household.


1 – 9 year olds get a gift

10 – 14 year olds get a gift card.  Cut off is 12 years of age.

Action:  Andrea to research options for holding a picnic in the GTA next year at Boyd conservations area or other. Bring findings to the next meeting.

Lunch and Learn Info sessions

Offer to hold one for 151 Yonge St. OSCD end of October time frame.

Action: Stan Buday

CFIA Lunch and Learn

Cannabis in the Workplace session for 4900 Yonge St.  February.

Action:  Andrea to schedule and find the boardroom. 

Action: Stan to contact Marcia regarding ERO presentations and ERO availability.

PIPSC and ORC presentation –

Action:  Alice has a copy of PIPSC Presidential presentation and it can be presented perhaps at one of our Lunch and Learns.  


Professionals Canada

Update on Professionals Canada and that the resolution will be revisited at this year’s AGM.

Professionals Canada task force. Stan was a part of that.  Consisted of 6 staff and 3 – 4 others. Found listed 160 different issues with it. Stan was there to give oversite.  Isabelle Roy was the legal advisor on it. Professionals Canada is to support contractors in precarious work positions. 

Bargaining Update

14 groups got a deal with the central table deal included.   Deals coming still would be put in place without the central table deal.

CS group is asking for the parity percentage to meet CRA CS’s rates before talks go further. This is necessary. 

EWS – Employee Wellness System Treasury Board has solidified.  But this could vanish if a new Non-Liberal government should come in. An AOM with the Treasury Board was signed regarding the EWSP but not a part of the central table deal. 

30,000 members have no deal or tentative agreements yet.  CS’s are not alone.

Visibility items

Suggestion to purchase scarves and/or toques and hand out to members attending the Toronto Marlies game event.  A block of PIPSC colours would look great and promote PIPSC in the public arena. 

Action:  Nang to research costs, quantities and availability of said items.


Discussion regarding locations of members and their movements. 

2301 Midland is split. Some went to Mississauga.

There are a large number of members at 200 Town Centre Court now 40ish.

7:58 Motion to adjourn meeting put forward by Stan Buday and seconded by Joanne Welby.