GTA Branch Meeting - February 10, 2020

GTA Branch Meeting, February 10, 2020


Stan Buday (President) Andrea Agh (VP) Nuşin Brown (Secretary)

Roy Philip Yvonne Snaddon Alice Da Silva

Kuini Chuen Yu Gao Nang Quach

Absent:  Stephan Moushian

Welcome by Stan at 6 p.m.

Motion to approve agenda, Andrea seconded. Agenda was approved.

Motion to approve the October minutes. Alice seconded, October minutes approved.

AGM Planning: The GTA Branch AGM will be held on Wednesday March 25th at the Granite Brewery.

Action Items:

·        Alice to investigate alternate venues

·        Stan to contact the venue, Debbie and Peter Gilkinson

Review of Event Calendar: Steward Appreciation event took place at Spiga in November. It was a successful event with good turnout. Executive meeting in December did not take place. The post-holiday Winter networking social event in January was very well received. The space and location of Churchmouse worked out well. New members attended and enjoyed the event.

We need to set up a lunch and learn at 4900 Yonge by the end of March. Subject will be Cannabis in the Workplace, a date needs to be set.

 Action Items:

·        Nang to find a room

·        Andrea to find a speaker

·        Yvonne to get a hold of Debi Daviau’s PIPSC 101 presentation deck.

Treasurer’s report: We have approximately 1680 members. Our current bank balance is XXX.

ORC: The ORC is scheduled for April 17-18, 2020 at Ceasar’s Palace in Windsor. The GTA Branch has been allocated 17 seats. Advise Stan if unable to attend so that unused seats get offered to other subgroups that do not have representation, to give them an opportunity. Yvonne, Kuini and Judy will be attending on behalf of the Regional Executive, hence releasing their GTA Branch seats. This is an election year for 5 spots.  Yvonne will not run again for Regional Executive.

The GTA Branch should be nominated for the Branch of the Year award before the end of March.  There is a March 24th deadline to send articles and photos for the regional semi-annual newsletter. We could advertise the picnic in upcoming events.

Picnic: The annual GTA Branch family picnic will be set for July 19th with July 26th as the backup date in case the 19th isn’t available. Nuşin will keep track of picnic coordination.

Action Item: Andrea to look for a larger venue like a conservation area so we do not turn anyone away; then obtain the permit.

Sporting and Cultural Events: We can do bowling. We have to collect money from members in order to buy tickets for a group. For an event/game we would have to reserve a block of tickets, get a special code to give out to members in order to offer a discounted ticket price.

Action Item: Yvonne to draft a letter of interest for a sporting event, Yu and Bill to send it out to members.

PIPSC 100th Anniversary Celebration: The GTA Branch committed XXX to cover the cost of the 100th anniversary event. Amend motion to cover bill of XXX Yvonne seconded. Motion carried.

PIPSC AGM Review: Biggest issue is Professionals Canada. There is a rift between the CS Group and National PIPSC. A delegate survey was done regarding Professionals Canada. It was defeated.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 p.m. Next meeting will be the AGM on March 25th.

Action Item: Nusin to set up a teleconference for the GTA Branch prior to the AGM to discuss