GTA Branch 2018 Annual General Meeting Minutes

March 28, 2018

Granite Brewery 245 Eglinton Avenue East, Toronto, Ontario M4P 3B7


5:00 p.m. Meet and Greet

5:30 p.m. Dinner

6:00 p.m. Call to Order By Stan Buday

  • Approval of Tonight’s Agenda
  • Review of Previous AGM Minutes President’s Report  
  • Financial Report
  • Election
  • President
  • 4 Members-at-large
  • Nominations accepted in writing – Dave Vicar
  • Guest Speakers
  • General Question Period
  • Draw for Door Prizes
  • Adjournment

Meeting called to order 6:00 p.m.

Stan Buday opened the meeting and welcomed the 80 + members in attendance.

Approval of the Agenda

  • Motion to approve the Agenda Faron Moses, 2nd Kuini Chuen

Review of Previous Minutes

  • Review of Previous AGM 2016 Minutes
  • Motion Nang Quach, 2nd Tommy George

Stan Introduced the GTA Branch Executive Members and commented on their significant and collaborative contribution to the Branch.

  • President Stan Buday
  • Vice President Andrea Agh
  • Secretary (Retired) Ralph Leigh
  • Treasurer Roy Phillip
  • Member at Large Stephan Moushian (Retired) communications
  • Member at Large Alice DaSilva
  • Brian Quigg (retired) attends events and meetings as regular guest & valuable consultant
  • Member at Large Karina Bogdanova
  • Member at Large Faron Moses
  • Member at Large Yvonne Snaddon
  • Member at Large Kuini Chuen
  • Member at Large Yu Gao

Stan noted the GTA Branch is one of the most active Branches, discussed structure and mandate of a Branch thanks to the contribution of these people.

President’s Report

Stan Buday provided an overview of Branch Activity since the March 2016 AGM.  Activities included;

  • Update regarding membership. Stan emphasized the size of the Branch
  • Provided a review of the roles of a branch
  • Reviewed the events of the Branch over the previous year
  • Sending 13 delegates to the Ontario Regional Council including Executive members and additional people involved in union activity.
  • Four Branch Executive meetings
  • GTA Branch AGM was held on March 28, 2018 at the Granite Pub and Brewery
  • Strategic Planning Meeting
  • Summer Social
  • Winter Social event which was post traditional holiday was very well attended.
  • Branch Networking events were held at various locations though the city.

Encouraged members to attend future events as it is an opportunity to express concerns and discuss issues.

  • The Toronto Area Family Picnic took place on July 23, 2017 at Rennie Park near

High Park in Toronto’s west end in Mimico.  Over 100 members and their families from several Branches in Toronto attended. One of the best attended.

  • This year’s Steward Appreciation Dinner was held at Sempre
  • Strategic planning sessions will be held following the ORC.  We review our

objectives and the calendar of events, meetings, budget and activities.

  • Stan emphasized that if members want events in their area, ask and we can set up

an event at your workplace.

  • Stan Buday moved to accept his report, 2nd by Meng Koh

Financial Report

Roy Philip provided a detailed report on the Branch’s allocation spending activity. 

Opening Balance Jan 1 2017 XXXX


2017 Allocation XXXX

Environment Canada contribution to GTA Branch Picnic XXXX

Interest XXXX      

Total Income XXXX


2017 Branch AGM XXXX

Executive Meetings XXXX

Networking Events XXXX

Branch Picnic XXXX

Info Sessions XXXX

Steward Appreciation XXXX

Total Expenses XXXX

Closing Balance (December 31, 2017-adj.) XXXX

Motion to accept Faron, 2nd Kuini

Elections Report

No email nominations were received for Members at Large or President.

A total of 5 Members at large, 2 year term and 1 year term and the position of Vice President are due for election

Nomination for VP

Andrea Agh


Members at Large Nominated in writing

Dave Vicary

Chris Ouslis

Nominated form the floor for member at large

Nusin Brown

Nang Quach

Scott Thompson

Joanna Welby

Nang Quach

Birju Patel

Standing for re-election

Kuini Chuen

Yu Gao

Yvonne Snaddon


  • Chris Ouslis
  • Scott Thompson
  • Yvonne Snaddon
  • Kuini Chuen
  • Nusin Brown
  • Yu Gao


  • Motion to destroy the ballots Faron, 2nd Alice

Guest Speakers

Peter Gilkson

Retired Members Guild gave a presentation

Stan provided an update regarding bargaining and sick leave plan.

A detailed summary of benefits, terms and costs were presented to the group.

Question Period

Stan Buday conducted a question period. 

Peter Gilkinson also conducted a question session.

Door Prizes

30 Door prizes were awarded by a random draw of tickets.  Prizes were PIPSC branded items.


  • Call for Adjournment
  • Moved by Faron Moses

Meeting was adjourned at 8:35 PM.