NCR - #8 - Presidential Appointments

Whereas we currently do not have a process for selection and appointment to external committees, working groups, boards (i.e. CLC, TBS, NJC)

Whereas persons appointed to external Committee, Working Groups or Boards are representing PIPSC and its membership at large

Whereas transparency and accountability are vital to ensure membership are informed, can pose questions and can provide feedback to the appropriate representative

Be it resolved, the following by-laws be put in place

By-Law 19.2.X (New) the President shall make all appointments to external Committee, Working Groups or Boards, subject to the recommendations and final approval by the Board.  Appointments to these positions shall be from elected officials ie the Vice-Presidents and then Directors (in that order).  In exceptional circumstances, a non-elected member can be considered and approved by the Board, if they have specific subject matter expertise related to the appointment.

By-Law 19.2.x.1 (New) Institute staff shall not be appointed to any external Committee, Working Groups or Boards to represent PIPSC members but can be assigned by the Board to assist a presidential appointee to said external Committee, Working Groups or Board.

By-Law 19.2.x.2 (New) A list of all presidential appointments shall be maintained on the website and shall include contact information, name of the external committee, the role of the appointee on the external committee and the date of their appointment.