NCR - #5 – Family Care Policy

Originator: Stacy McLaren

Whereas the objective of the policy on Family Care is to remove barriers which prevent members from participating in union activities and,

Whereas family members who are not in a custodial right position but reside with the sole caregiver will not have the cost of their taking care of children of a member covered which could limit participation of a member in authorized PIPSC activities

Therefore, be it resolved that the following change be made to the policy:


Where the member is the sole caregiver at the time of the authorized union activity, the Institute will cover costs for care during the day outside normal work/school/daycare hours. Family care costs that would have ordinarily been incurred during work hours had the member been at his/her place of work are not covered.

This policy shall not cover cost for care provided by a spouse/partner, or former spouse/partner with custody rights or a relative residing in the household.

Note additional cost: No additional cost from previous family care policy in effect to November 2018.