NCR - Resolution - #3 – Stewards

Motion for moving a Policy resolution at the PIPSC AGM

Whereas representatives of the Institute must be protected against retaliation by the employer for union activities, either as an appointed steward from the workplace, a member of the Board, a spokesperson or a group president (Ref By-Laws 12 and 23);

Whereas recognition of representatives of the Institute is included in collectives agreements with the employers (PSLRA or separate employers) for union activities and consultation (where applicable);

Whereas the Institute must train, guide and monitor its representatives; but the role of group executive in PIPSC By-Laws 12 is unclear;

Be it resolved that PIPSC investigates and reports to the 2020 AGM amendments to Institute By-Laws, Regulations and Policies to accredit and manage representatives of the Institute for union activities and Consultation with the employer.