NCR - Ottawa West Branch Update

In January of 2018 we ran a survey of our membership to find out what meeting topics they were interested in, what meeting times they preferred among other questions. 

Saturday, July 14, 2018

We hosted an Ottawa River Cruise for members and their families.  It was a beautiful sunny day and everyone had a great time. 

July 30, 2018

We hosted a workshop on making resolutions for NCR members.  Participants learned how to write an effective resolution and the process for getting it passed at Branch, Regional and National meetings.

November 22, 2018

We hosted a Lunch & Learn at Fitzgerald campus on Union 101, an introduction to PIPSC.  It was well attended and well-received with lots of questions and comments from the participants.

December 17, 2018

We co-hosted a very successful screening of the Beyond Crisis with Ottawa Green Screen.  The film is about climate change and how we can mobilize on this important issue.  We had a panel of informative and engaging experts and a lively question and answer session after the film. 

The event was open to all NCR members and we were over-subscribed by the cut off day for registrations.  Unfortunately, our notifications went out late so a number of people were unable to attend.  We hope to run this event again in 2019 so that everyone who couldn’t make it in December, can come to the next one. 

The members at the event raised several good ideas for climate change initiatives that PIPSC could take on:

  • encouraging the use of dedicated shuttle vehicles between government buildings to cut down on the use of personal vehicles or taxis
  • lobby OCTranspo to add more routes to our work locations
  • teleworking or working from a location near to where you live to cut down on commuting
  • Work with other public sector unions to promote de-investing our pension funds from fossil fuels and industries that generate greenhouse gas


Ottawa West Branch gained a large contingent of new members in 2018 when the RCMP offices moved into Barrhaven and also a number of RCMP staff who were not previously represented by a union became members of PIPSC.  We look forward to meeting our new colleagues and welcoming them into the Branch. 

We also hosted two coffee Meet and Greet events at Fitzgerald campus where we were able to make new connections with our colleagues from the AFS and CS Groups.