NCR - NRCan-NCR Branch Report

NRCan-NCR Branch Report – by Sylvia Boucher, President     March 29, 2019

The PIPSC NRCan-NCR Branch representing close to 1000 members is pleased to report a number of successful events in 2018-2019, including joint lunch and learn events with the AV-Ottawa and the NR-NRCan subgroups. The outreach provided an occasion to raise awareness on key topics such as the Employee Wellness and Support Program, the Scientific Integrity Policy, Steward Representation, Consultations and Bargaining.

Three successful lunch and learn events on EWSP were held on September 18, 19, and October 31st, regrouping a total of 80 members at both the 580 Booth Complex and the Bells Corners Complex. Jennifer Carr delivered all three sessions.

Two additional lunch and learn events on the Scientific Integrity Policy were held on January 25 at the Booth Street Complex and another on February 20th at the Bells Corners Complex. The two events brought together another 70+ members. Dr. Ann Therriault, President of the National Consultations Team at NRCan delivered both sessions.

The NRCan-NCR Branch also organized a Meet and Greet lunch on November 21 for its stewards to meet Employment Relations Officer, Chris Olutola. Stewards came prepared with thoughtful questions on Pensions, Benefits, Long Term Disability and Jurisprudence. The luncheon was a great opportunity for stewards to get to know one another better, to learn from their ERO and to build collaborative relationships.

In March, the Branch promoted the Do Better Campaign by sharing information, posters, pens and buttons to its executive and through them to members.

While April is eminent at the time of writing, and will have passed by the NCR Regional Council, I will have represented NRCan’s President of the National Consultations Team at the meeting of the Working Group on Consultations (April 12-13) to bring forward issues of interest to members such as Workplace 2.0, travel cap, and leave.

The Branch AGM will take place on May 15th. Stephane Aubry is confirmed as speaker to provide a brief bargaining update. A total of 43 members have already registered yet registration is not closing until May 8th or the maximum of 50 members is reached. It is promising to be yet another popular event.

Future events for NRCan members will include introducing to the NRCan Managers’ Community the role of PIPSC and delivering information sessions on Retirement Planning. The plan is to deliver on these topics within the months leading to the summer 2019.

In concluding, I am pleased to report the addition of four new stewards in the Branch, namely Gloria Yu (ELS) and Rachel Wang (CS) - both members of the Branch executive - as well as Daryoush Emadi (ELS) and Rihana Peiman (PC). This brings the total number of Branch stewards to fourteen. As we welcome new stewards, we also bid farewell to retiring stewards including, Cesar Velarde and Denis Giroux. We thank them both for their service and dedication over the years.