Report from By-Laws Chair – Sherry Oake

The position of By-Laws Committee and the Chair is to oversee governance processes. 

This includes Resolutions from the floor of today’s Council, which go to the floor of the National AGM in the fall.  Each year before the National AGM, I lead the NCR Caucus discussion on NCR position on resolutions.

Education Material

I noticed there was a lack of training in understanding how policy is written; so I wrote training material for it.

I noticed there was a lack of training in understanding how resolutions need to be written to be successful on the floor of an AGM; so I wrote training material for that too.

In February 2018 and March 2018 we ran one-day courses including both topics as a “pilot-project”, through our local Training and Education Committee representative.  Both courses were was successful and over-subscribed.  The course material I wrote may be adopted by PIPSC nationally.


The NCR’s By-Laws and Regulations are in good order, with only minor changes needed for updating. 

However, there is a need for a set of guidelines to inform new Executive members (and other NCR Region members) of informal processes and business practices.  Learning the ways to get things done can be frustrating and time-consuming.  Frequently we are all on deadlines to organize and run events in accordance with all PIPSC By-Law, Regulations, and Policies.  This is hard for volunteers without staff resources.  Therefore a set of guidelines (like a handbook) could assist us all.  We will look at this, this coming year.


The Committee only meets a handful of times; to vet the Resolutions coming from the Regional Council or to the National AGM.  Although we can try to assist the originator, the content and wording of the resolution is theirs.

This year I am hosting a Resolution Discussion at Council.  The purpose is to allow more free discussion with the resolution originators, at a time not on the floor of the AGM.


The last two years I ran a number of events for the first time in the NCR, with the support of the NCR Executive.

Transgender Day of Remembrance, 20 November 2017.  This was a small reception for attendees to a memorial service held at the Human Rights Monument.  There were PIPSC members in attendance who had never been to other PIPSC events.

National Day of Action of Violence Against Women (6 December 2017).  This was a remembrance vigil and reception also held at the Human Rights Monument.  We involved NRs, SHs, and other interested NCR members.

Women’s Day Dinner, (10 March 2018).    This dinner had 200 people wanting to attend, but we only had funding for a venue with 80 seats.  It was a great success, and the Human Rights and Diversity Chair organized another one this year (Women’s Day and Lunar Celebration in February 2019).


It’s been a busy two years!  Thank you all for your support and participation in events.  Your involvement and interest is what makes this volunteer effort worthwhile.

Sherry Oake