OCB Executive Special Meeting Minutes. May 16, 2022.

Location: Zoom Meeting.

Meeting starts: 5:00 p.m.

In Attendance: Brian Hassall, Susan Amog-Hassall, Michelle Tran, Michael Kenny, Zul Nanji, Tom Iwinski, Andrew Wigmore, Abraham Garcia, Art Iwinski.

Regrets: Josée Stone.

1. Brian declared quorum and called meeting to order at 5:04 p.m.

2. Agenda was provided in advance electronically. Brian asked if there are any other items to include to the agenda. There were no other items proposed. Michael put the motion to approve the agenda and seconded by Susan. The agenda was approved.

3. The OCB Executive Meeting Minutes from 2 March 2022 were approved electronically by OCB Executives and emailed to PIPSC for translation and posting on the PIPSC website. Brian asked if there are any items from the Minutes to discuss. No item to discuss.

4. The new business. Brian asked Andrew to provide the update on OCB 2022 AGM. Andrew confirmed the tentative dates and location of the AGM. All the information will be provided to the members with the AGM call letter published on the PIPSC website soon. Andrew also mentioned that OCB AGM is coordinated with the timing of the Regional Council meeting.

Andrew put a motion: to the effect the OCB will hold its annual AGM for the year 2022 on Wednesday, September 21, 2022, at the Sheraton Ottawa Downtown, ... Seconded by Abraham. Motion passed.

5. All agreed that all 11 (eleven) Executive positions are subject to election for this year. Election notice will be translated and posted on the PIPSC website at least 4 weeks before the election.

6. We had a discussion regarding the Election Committee at the OCB 2022 AGM (Election Committee), and we came to the consensus that the following members will be contacted and asked to serve in the Election Committee during the next OCB AGM:

  • Terry Sing,
  • Margaret Bigras,
  • Lucienne B. Bahuaud,

7. Susan requested the hotel funding for one night on September 21, 2022. Abraham put the motion and Zul seconded. Motion passed.

8. Executive members of the OCB discussed special circumstances existed tonight with the organization of today’s meeting. Particularly, the members availability and the difficulties related to the short notice. ... It will be listed as a “OCB Special Meeting on May 16, 2022”. Seconded by Art. Motion carried.

9. Brian mentioned the notice for National AGM that was posted on PIPSC website. The NCR call letters will be posted shortly. Members that are interested in attending the meeting must respond the latter before the deadline. Brian explained the criteria for the delegates selection and asked for volunteers to the Selection Committee. The following members volunteered: Susan, Abraham, Andrew, Michelle, and Michael.

10.Round table.

Brian summarised today’s discussion.

Susan announced that Lee Cunningham agreed to help with the 2022 AGM Registration.

Brian summarised Steward Council on May 14, 2022. He mentioned the number of awards presented to the Stewards. He also congratulated Abraham for his 10 years Stewards pin.

Susan discussed the needs expressed by the union members to organise the Wills and Estates presentation and retirement sessions. All Executives members agreed to provide virtual session. Susan requested and made a motion requesting ... to organise two retirement and one Wills and Estates sessions. Zul seconded the motion. Motion carried.

There was no other business to discussed.

11. Zul put a motion to adjourn the meeting and seconded by Michelle. Meeting adjourned at 6:10 p.m.