Health Canada NCR Branch - “Holland Cross Debates” Season VI

The Executive of Health Canada NCR Branch presents:
“Holland Cross Debates/Discussions” - Season VI.

The “Holland Cross Debates” sessions are intended to offer an open discussion with some PIPSC officials about key issues in the collective bargaining and other career related issues. It is one thing to get the views of the local audience at each Debate, but the “Holland Cross Debates” are also keen to find out what the rest of PIPSC members think about the issues we raise.

16th Debates / Open Discussion Session will take place on March 14, 2019

Topic: Meet and Greet your Health Canada Stewards- Informal Luncheon

Moderator: Dr. Tarek Salem

Guest Speakers:  Informal Session- one on one with your Health Canada Stewards

Time: Noon to 1 PM

Location: 1600 Scott Street, Ottawa, On.  Ground Floor, Conference Centre. (Access from the Food court past the jewelry shop)

Audience: All Health Canada Branch active members.

To reserve a spot, please send your name and membership number to Tarek Salem (

Pizza and soft drinks will be provided.

In Solidarity,

Tarek Salem
A believer among skeptics!