Held at  Hilton, Lac Leamy
Date: 17 June 2017

In Attendance:

Glen Schjerning - Interim President
David Topp - Interim Vice-President
John Eng - Interim Treasurer
Jennifer Carr - Interim Secretary

Stacy McLaren    Very Special Guest,
NCR Executive Member, NCR Branch Coordinator

Elite Election Committee    
Brian Hassall (Leader of Election Committee Team)
Susan Hassall
Terry Sing
Wayne Lee

James Allan        
Adam Gray        
Chris McLean
Karim Baamar        
Rebecca Mardell    
Saeed Toolabi
Brian Lafleur        
Walter Baziuk        
James Kuang
Hasan Naqvi        
David Sutherland    
John MacFarlane
Kevzer Taymaz    
Echo Xu        
Olga Botygina
Fred Ma        
Angelo Guglielmo    
Natalia Kim
Olivia Leung        
Howard Hao    

Opening Procedures

The President, Glen Schjerning called the meeting to order at 10:30h on Saturday, June 17, 2017 at the Hilton Lac Leamy in Gatineau, Quebec.

Personal Introduction

Glen introduced the Special Guest, Stacy McLaren, NCR Executive Member, and NCR Branch Co-ordinator.  He also introduced the election committee consisting of Susan Hassall, Terry Sing, and Wayne Lee and led by NCR Executive, Brian Hassall. Also introduced was the interim executive consisting of Glen Schjerning (President), David Topp (Vice President), John Eng (Treasurer) and Jennifer Carr (Secretary).

Approval of Agenda

The agenda was presented. David Topp motioned to approve the agenda as presented, John Eng seconded the motion.  The vote was unanimous to approve the agenda as presented.

Branch President’s Report  

Glen Schjerning, the interim Branch President gave a brief history of how the PIPSC DND NCR BRANCH Executive and the PIPSC DND LSTL BRANCH Executive got together in January 2016 and agreed to pursue a merger of the two branches.  The proposed Interim Executive was Glen Schjerning as President (previously President of the DND LSTL Branch), David Topp as Vice President (previously President of the DND NCR Branch), John Eng as Treasurer (Previously Treasurer of the DND NCR Branch) and Jennifer Carr as Secretary (Previously vice president of the DND LSTL Branch).  On 05 May 2016, the PIPSC DND LSTL Branch held an AGM and approved the merger.  On 03 Aug 2016 the PIPSC DND NCR Branch held an SGM and approved the merger.  On 11 Oct 2016 the PIPSC NCR Executive recommended the merger to the PIPSC EC.  The PIPSC EC subsequently approved and instructed the new branch to have an AGM by end Jan 2017.  On 26 Jan 2017 the PIPSC DND NCR OTTAWA/GATINEAU Branch held its inaugural AGM at the Casino Lac Leamy, in Gatineau, Quebec.  The guest speakers were Glenn Maxwell (PIPSC DND Consultation Team President) and Debi Daviau (PIPSC President).   At the AGM the budget for both 2017 and 2018 was approved, and the generic PIPSC branch constitution was adopted.  Since the election of the executive had not been advertised far enough in advance, it was decided that a subsequent SGM would be held to elect the new branch executive.


Brian Hassall and his elections committee took charge of the election.  11 members were to be elected as the Branch executive at this SGM.  At a subsequent meeting, the newly elected executive would choose a president (for a 2 year term), a vice president (for 1 year remaining in a 2 year term), a treasurer (for a 2 year term) and a secretary (for 1 year remaining in a 2 year term) and the remaining executive members would be members at large (with half having a 2 year term and the other half having 1 year remaining in a 2 year term).

19 members were nominated for the 11 positions on the executive.  Of the 19 nominated, the following 11 (in no particular order) were elected: John Eng, Glen Schjerning, Adam Gray, Olivia Leung, Natalia Kim, Lynn Mayes, Olga Botygina, Rebecca Mardell, Jennifer Carr, David Topp, and David Sutherland.

Immediately after the election, the newly elected branch executive met.  Stacy and the election committee conducted a side bar meeting to determine the assignment of positions within the executive. Glen Schjerning was elected as President for a 2 year term.  Lynn Mayes was elected as Vice President for 1 year remaining in a 2 year term.  John Eng was elected Treasurer for a 2 year term.  David Topp was elected Secretary for 1 year remaining in a 2 year term.  Adam Gray, Olivia Leung, Natalia Kim and Olga Botygina were confirmed as being members at large for a 2 year term.  Rebecca Mardell, Jennifer Carr and David Sutherland were confirmed as being members at large for 1 year remaining on a two year term.

David Topp motioned that we destroy the Ballots.  John Eng seconded this motion.  The motion was passed unanimously.


David Topp motioned to adjourn the SGM. This was seconded by Angelo Guglielmo.  The motion was passed unanimously.

Reported by:

Glen Schjerning, Branch President
18 June 2017