a) Glen called the meeting to order at 18:00.  Glen Schjerning (President), John Eng (Treasurer), David Topp (Secretary), Olivia Leung, Natalia Kim, Olga Botygina, James Kuang, Adam Gray, Kerry Leiba (members at large) were in attendance.  Special guests included David new wife, Mary Jane, John MacFarlane and Keverzer Taymaz.

b) We began the meeting with congratulating David Topp on his recent marriage and his upcoming Retirement and relocation to Toronto with Mary Jane.  We celebrated all things David Topp.  The Branch executive presented David with a small thank you/retirement gift.  It was a really cool little Inuit carving with a striking likeness to David.

c) John Eng presented a draft end year financial statement for 2018.  We are in sound financial shape with about xxxx$ in the bank, our annual allotment for 2019 anticipated in early 2019, and an approved budget for 2019 (approved at the Branch AGM in 2018).  Glen committed to disting a polished up statement to the exec members (via email) for final review, prior to submission to PIPSC.   It was agreed the proposed budget for 2020, to be presented at the Branch AGM in 2019, would look similar to that for 2019, but that the executive would have a chance to review prior to the Branch AGM.

d) RODs.  Glen indicated that he had RODs for the three executive meetings that took place in 2018.  He will submit them to PIPSC for translation and posting on the PIPSC web site.

e) Minutes from the 2018 Branch AGM.  Glen indicated that the minutes have been submitted to PISPC for translation and posting.  We await both.

f) Glen indicated that we are now in contract with the Hilton for our 2019 Branch AGM.  It will take place the evening of Tuesday 09 April at the Casino Lac Leamy.  Glen indicated that he would not be running for President of the Branch again, but would run for a member at large position.  It was noted that the positions of Glen (president), John (Treasurer) and Olga, Natalia, Olivia and Adam (members at large) we all be up for election for a two year term.  Lynn, David Topp and David Sutherland are not able to complete the final year of their two year terms, thus their positions would be up for election for a one year term.  Since we were running out of executive members, Kerry and James unanimously volunteered to be the elections committee at the 2019 AGM.  We agreed to charge $5.00 per head to attend the AGM, to be paid at the door.  A draft advert was presented based upon past adverts.  Some suggested edits came forward, and it was approved.

g) A free flow conversation was then engaged on various issues including our annual Halloween event (a perennial success which we agreed to support in 2019), L&L options, better communication with branch members, steward recruitment, WHS and Consultation committees, ESWP, collective bargaining, standardized work descriptions, etc. etc.  We agreed we have much to do in 2019.  We will start off with the AGM, electing a new executive, and then advancing some more refined planning and execution.

h) At 19:30 the soon to be retired David motioned adjournment.  This was seconded by Kerry and approved unanimously.