@ the Hilton Lac Leamy (side bar meeting during NCR Steward Training)

In Attendance:

Glen Schjerning - President

Lynn Mayes – Vice President

John Eng - Treasurer

David Topp – Secretary

Olivia Leung – Member at Large

Natalia Kim – Member at Large

Olga Botygina – Member at Large

Rebecca Mardell – Member at Large

David Sutherland – Member at Large

Sherry Oake – Friend

Adam Grey – Friend

Karim Baamar - Friend

Kerryanetonette Leiba - Friend

The Meeting was called to order at 18:00h

Glen Schjerning, the Branch president, welcomed the executive members and the friends of the executive in attendance.

A round table introduction was conducted.  Some items came up during the round table.  Sherry noted that there will be events related to the LGBT Remembrance on 20 Nov 2017 remembrance of the sad events at Ecole Polytechnique the Dec 6th.

The proposed agenda was presented by Glen Schjerning.  John Eng motioned to accept the agenda.  David Topp seconded this.  The motion was carried.

PIPSC AGM.  It was noted that the Bylaws Committee for the NCR would be presenting review of all proposed issues on the Thursday night of AGM.

Phoenix was discussed.  All members were encouraged to track the PIPSC web page.

Olivia Leung, Natalia Kim and Olga Botygina reported on the Branch Halloween event.  It was very well attended and very successful.  The executive expressed their appreciation.

John Eng presented an overview of the branch finances. 

Glen Schjerning reported that the attendance for the Wills and Estate Planning session to be held on 30 November 2017 will be high, and a second session may need to be held in early 2018.  Olivia Leung motioned and Olga Botygina second that the branch budget a cost for the 20 Nov 2017 event not to exceed $5,000.00 be approved.  This motion passed.  Glen assured the executive that he would strive to cost much less than this amount.

Legacy Foundation was discussed.  The consensus was that branch will develop a plan in 2018 to help support the Legacy Foundation.

The scheduling of the next Branch executive meeting was discussed.  The consensus was that the next executive meeting will take place in early January 2018, prior to the Branch AGM on 16 Jan 2018.

David Topp moved and Adam Gray seconded that the meeting adjourn. The motion was carried.  The meeting adjourned at 19:00.