In Attendance:

Glen Schjerning - President

David Topp - Secretary

John Eng - Treasurer

Olivia Leung – Member at Large

Natalia Kim – Member at Large

Olga Botygina – Member at Large

Rebecca Mardell – Member at Large

David Sutherland – Member at Large

James Allan - Friend

Glen Maxwell – DND Consultation President

Angelo Guglielmo – Friend

Sherry Oake – Friend

Kevser Taymaz – Friend

Mohammad Chaudhary – Friend

The meeting was called to order at 1715 h at 1525 Bank Street on 11 Sep 2017.

Glen Schjerning, the Branch president, welcomed the executive members in attendance, friends of the executive in attendance, and Glen Maxwell, President of DND Consultation Team.

Halloween Family Event – Olivia and Natalia gave a proposal on the Halloween Family event  to be held the 29th of October at 430 McArthur Ave from 11:0000 – 14:30 hrs. Events will be similar to last year’s event which had close to 200 attendees. Events will include Glitter Tattoo Artist, Crafts, Best Costume Contests, Games and non-alcoholic refreshments including coffee.. Rebecca and Sherry had some additional suggestions and  will work with the committee (Natalia, Olivia and Olga). Cost estimates were similar to last year and the committee approved up to $5500.00 for this event. Additional volunteers will be needed and James will provide the audio equipment.

M/S/C James and John moved that we have a Halloween event for the members and family with a cost not to exceed $5500.00

Financial Review – John E gave a breakdown of our budget for this year along with a recommendation that we purchase a Voice Recorder, a Public Address/Audio system and research a branch banner. Cost estimates will be provided to the next meeting.

M/S/C James Allan will present a proposal for the next meeting on the purchase of Branch Equipment.  Examples would include a recording device to assist with minutes.

Lunch and Learn Events – The President suggested we hold 2 events – Retirement Planning and Estate Planning at a location to be decided later. Glen will conduct the planning of these events with additional help from other members of the Executive. The AGM will be held early in January 2018. Glen S. will report planning at the next Executive Meeting.

M/S/C Rebecca moved and John seconded that Glen conduct the planning for these events and report back at the next meeting.

PIPSC Website – Glen S advised that the new PIPSC website is live however some of the data has been lost. He asked the members present to review the site and report back on what may have been lost.

Guest Speaker – Glen Maxwell briefed the meeting on the current Consultation topics being conducted in particular the issues at Carling Campus. Consultation will be conducted with Management on 27 September when the issues relating to the move to Carling Campus will be discussed as well as other common issues. Additional information may be obtained from the Consultation page on Facebook.

Other Business – Sherry Oake brought up the subject of Steward Applications and the process to be followed as it has been over a month since she submitted her application. Glen S gave a brief explanation of the process. Renewal emails for expiring Stewards will be sent this week.

Glen Schjerning – Proposed that the Branch sponsor both Angelo Guglielmo and Mohammad Chaudhary should they wish to attend the PIPSC national AGM 2017.  They would not have delegate or observer status.  The Branch would fund hotel costs and food costs iaw PIPSC travel guidelines.  The hotel would not likely be the Hilton.  Salary Compensation would not be supported by the Branch.  The executive unanimously supported this.  Glen will action.

Steward school will be held 2 – 4 November for Advanced and Basic Courses. Registration will commence shortly.

Attendance at National AGM – Moved by John E and seconded by David T that we financially support A. Guglielmo and M Chaudhary for their meals and accommodation at the upcoming National PIPSC Annual General Meeting in November. M/S/C.

David S suggested that we have a movie screening for the membership as part of the Lunch and Learn events. 

John E suggest we plan for a Christmas event (November) and that we have sufficient funds to pay for this event.