Composting Organic and Food Waste on the Farm: an Update

On February 7, 2020, it was announced that the department-run pilot program for the collection of organic and food waste at NHCAP for composting will be expanded to include the Central Experimental Farm, starting in April 2020.

What a relief for the many of us who initiated and led the grassroots movement to get this done! A big congratulations to the AAFC Branch of PIPSC NCR for making a difference, and many thanks to PIPSC NCR President Mr. Gordon Bulmer for offering financial support. This movement wouldn’t have happened without the leadership and passion of one of our members, Ms. Julie Chapados, who manages the Molecular Technologies Laboratory at the Ottawa Research and Development Centre, AAFC. This lab is a “core” facility, providing DNA sequencing services to many AAFC centres.  It was recently renovated under the Treasury Board project “Biological Collections and Data Mobilization” (BioMob).

On top of her regular job, Julie has also been very active with volunteer-based activities on the Farm and elsewhere, such as the annual Bake and Book Sale events for the GCWCC, now being held in partnership with PIPSC recently. Her passion for the grassroots movement to collect organic waste has inspired many on the Farm. Julie is leading the interim volunteer-based program to collect this waste from the cafeteria and a number of lunchrooms, washrooms, and labs in the Neatby and other buildings. The waste is being collected on a daily basis, consolidated, and taken home by volunteers to be put in their green bins. Julie is looking for volunteers to cover more areas and even more buildings on the Central Experimental Farm. If you would like to volunteer, please contact Julie directly at

A big thank you, Julie, for your leadership and passion on this issue - we are proud of you as a member of the Branch!