The Victoria Branch is having a logo contest. We are seeking logo design submissions from our membership and the winning logo will receive a prize worth $100. All members are eligible to submit designs and the winning logo will be chosen by the Victoria Branch Executive (unless they have submitted an entry). This logo will be used in official communications as part of an email signature, on letterhead and it can be used for visibility products such as hats, shirts, mugs, pins, pens, etc. with the purpose being to increase both public and member support and to bring awareness of PIPSC and the branch in creating an image that is easily recognized.

Contest will close December 8th, 2017

Winner announced December 16th, 2017.


  • Unique
  • Looks good in colour or black & white
  • Scales well to large or small print
  • Clear and recognizable
  • Bilingual (if contains text)
  • Provides unified ‘visual look and feel’ that connects all areas of PIPSC
  • Clearly represents Victoria Branch and PIPSC

Be Creative and Have Fun!!

Send your entries to following email: