PIPSC Victoria Branch – 2016 Annual General Meeting and Elections

Date: Thursday, November 24, 2016

Location: AMBROSIA EVENT CENTRE, 638 Fisgard St, Victoria, BC

The meeting began at 5:30 p.m.

Opening remarks/welcome by Victoria Branch President, Adele McLean.  Adele, on behalf of the executive, welcomed, thanked and acknowledged with appreciation all members and guests attending the evening.

Adele introduced other members of the Branch Executive:  Carmen So, Treasurer;  Alfred Lyon, Secretary; Christine Cress, Member-at-Large (MAL); and Pierre Charpentier (MAL) and  included Carol-Ann Lonsdale (Vice-President ) and Steven Colwell, (MAL) who  sent regrets.


Adele asked for acceptance of the 2016 AGM Agenda – Moved: Kevin Rundle; Seconded: Susan Ramsay  - Carried.

Adele then reviewed highlights of Branch activities over the past year emphasizing the underlying themes of communication (notably the Branch has not only an e-mail address but also Facebook and Twitter accounts for member contact), inclusion, partnerships, and member engagement all with a view to building community among local Institute members and as a key component of a sound foundation to strengthen resolve, capacity and motivation to improve conditions in the work place.

Following her review , Adele asked for acceptance of the 2015 Branch AGM Minutes.  Moved:  Warren Skaalrud; Seconded:  Raj Prasad   - Carried.

Next, Adele provided an update on progress in obtaining Board of Director (BOD) approval of the amendment to the Branch Constitution and By-Laws which Branch members approved at the 2015 AGM.  A document was reviewed which compared the existing text for the Branch Constitution and By-Laws and a proposed version which is expected to meet with Institute Board of Director (BOD) approval when recommended. by the Institute By-laws and Policy Committee.  Adele explained that members needed to affirm their acceptance of the proposed Branch Constitution and By-Laws text in order to proceed with the BOD approval process and asked for a motion for this purpose.    

Motion to approve text of Branch By-Laws & Constitution proposed by B.C. & Yukon BLPC representative to the BLPC.  Moved:  Sue Ramsay. Seconded: Mike Minckler   - Carried

Financial Report

Adele asked Carmen So to present the Branch Financial Report.  Carmen reviewed major expenditures during the year, answered members’ questions and asked for acceptance of the Financial Report.    Moved:  Kevin Rundle; Seconded:  Raj Prasad    - Carried.

Adele then introduced the Guest Speakers: Shannon Bittman, Vice President- PIPSC National Office; and Robert MacDonald, Regional Director- PIPSC BC/Yukon Region.

Guest Speakers

Regional Director, Rob MacDonald: Robert spoke first covering the following topics:  importance of stewards; active membership as a key element in improving workplace conditions; “Canadian values are Public Service values” theme in bargaining and Institute external communication messages; the Institute “Better Together” ongoing initiative; and notable outcomes of the 2016 PIPSC National AGM.

National Vice President, Shannon Bittman: Shannon provided updates and information related to her portfolios in Bargaining, Pensions and Benefits, particularly regarding sick leave and the status and future of defined benefit plans in the Federal public service.

Shannon and Robert answered a variety of questions with respect to the issues they  discussed in their presentations as  well as recent changes to retired members’ benefits,  Institute participation on the Federal Public Service Advisory Committee and Federal

Government centralization of policy and delivery initiatives. 

Election for executive positions

Election committee chairs, Carmen So and Adele McLean reviewed the voting process and asked for nominations from the floor separately for the following three executive positions (each 3-year terms of office):  Vice-President and two Members-at-Large positions.

Results of the elections are as follows:  Vice-President:  Pierre Charpentier (acclaimed); Lhin Ho (acclaimed); and Morgan Cranny  (acclaimed).  Terms of office for all three positions end in 2019.

Adele then asked if there was any other questions or business to be conducted.  There being none, Adele announced that there were packages of visibility items (including Branch contact information by e-mail, Facebook and Twitter) available for Branch members, to please take one before leaving, and again thanked the guest speakers, members, and non-member guests for their attendance.

Dinner proceeded after elections.

Attendance numbers of Branch members – 35

2016 Victoria Branch AGM adjourned at 8:45pm.