PIPSC Victoria Branch – 2019 Annual General Meeting and Elections

Date: Thursday, October 24, 2019

Location:  Gorge Vale Golf Club, 1005 Craigflower Road, Victoria, BC

The meeting began at 5:15 p.m.

Opening remarks/welcome:


Victoria Branch President, Adele McLean Adele, on behalf of the executive, acknowledged that the AGM was being held on un-ceded Coast Salish Territories, specifically of the Lekwungen and the WSÁNEĆ peoples and welcomed, thanked and acknowledged with appreciation all members and guests attending the evening.

Adele introduced the members of the Branch Executive:  Morgan Cranny, Vice-President; Christine Cress, Treasurer; Angela Cowie, Secretary; Carmen So, Member-at-Large (MAL); Pete Wills, MAL; Tom Percy, MAL; Curtis Hamilton, MAL and Linh Ho, MAL.

Adele highlighted the year’s events and activities hosted by the Branch during the past year including the Christmas holiday bowling event, summer BBQ and Saanich Fair. This coming year there will be a movie event planned for the next in the Star Wars saga, a Summer BBQ and more. 

Wanting to engage with members, Adele reflected on the past year, that our work has been frustrating and effecting our motivation and ability to make efforts for our members. She sought encouragement and found TED talks on ‘Why we get angry?’ And found that it’s healthy. It’s an evolutionary advantage we have. It motivates us to want, to want better treatment and to be heard. If you can harness that frustration and use your anger to give yourself and other members a voice become a Steward, that way the employer must hear you, hear our member’s voices.

New Business:

Motion to accept agenda by Angela Cowie, seconded by Morgan Cranny, all in favor, moved.

Motion to accept the 2018 AGM minutes by Tom Percy, seconded by Raj Parsad, all in favor, moved.


Financial Report:

Presentation of the financial statement and budget by Treasurer Christine Cress. She answered many member’s questions.  Anita Blais moved acceptance, seconded by Morgan Cranny, all in favor, moved. 


Guest Speaker:

Robert MacDonald, PIPSC BC/Yukon Regional Director introduced himself and acknowledged the Victoria Branch Executive, stating that he has seen many financial statements and Victoria Branch has very detailed and very good financial statements. 

Robert then went on to speak about coaching soccer and having a team with winning team conditions. He’s excited about PIPSC these days because PIPSC has all these winning conditions. All the Phoenix settlements. Negotiated within 4 years of issue occurring. 

EWSP is an amazing evolution in sick leave due to PIPSC negotiations, members will never have gaps in disability leave, sick banks will have a monetary value if you opt in and you can opt out; everyone will vote on acceptance. 

Domestic violence provisions, were spear-headed by AV Group and PIPSC union was a leader on this provision that the Canadian Labour Congress has been lobbying to enact for years. Collective bargaining is not just about pay raises, it includes enhanced leave provisions and family definitions have changed to evolve with the modern definition of family. 

PIPSC leaders and Stewards have focused on members and members have supported the union back. Our members voted and were heard. Bargaining was strong, relying on evidence based approach instead of rhetoric. PIPSC has become a reliable organization. When we tell our family and public what we do they believe us. If PIPSC goes in another direction in the future, remind them about what made us successful these past 10 years. Bargaining emails are the most important thing we have to respond to. Members have to be involved, talk to your MPs, and get involved with your subgroups and your branch. We have a window to make change, the conditions are right to make change. Winning conditions make for conditions to change. Encourage your colleagues to become stewards. Round of applause for the Stewards in the room. It’s important to note that more than 50% of our stewards are over 50. Please consider being a Steward.

Adele then took the podium and recommended the TED talk: Why Governments Should Promote Well Being.  She then introduced the elections mentioning that there were four executive positions up for election (Vice President, and 3 MAL) and called for nominations.



The Vice President’s position was called on for nominations: 

Morgan Cranny was nominated by Carmen So, he accepted and was seconded by Tom Percy, Morgan accepted and was acclaimed. 

Member at Large positions were called on for nominations: 

Crystal Drummond was nominated by Carmen So, she accepted and was seconded by Morgan Cranny, Crystal accepted and was acclaimed. 

Eric Neilson was nominated by Morgan Cranny, Eric accepted and seconded by Tom Percy, Eric accepted and was acclaimed. 



Robert returned to the podium to promote the Basic and Advanced Steward Training, Leadership Training and the Young Professionals Leadership Training. 

Adele thanked everyone for attending the Victoria Branch 2019 AGM. The motion to adjourn was made by Linh Ho, and seconded by Warren Skaalrud. 

The business portion of the AGM was adjourned at 6:03 and dinner followed


Attendance:  41 Branch members and 6 guests