Notice of 18thAnnual General Meeting of the Vancouver-CRA Branch

Date: Thursday, March 14, 2019

Time: Social 5:00 pm

Meeting 6:00 pm

Dinner 7:00 pm

Adjournment approx. 8:00 pm

Place: Lee Garden Seafood Restaurant

6401 Kingsway Burnaby, BC V5E 1E1 Tel: (604) 428-8885

Any PIPSC Branch member may attend the Meeting at 6:00 p.m. If you wish to attend the dinner after the meeting, please pay $5 to your local PIPSC Branch/SG Executive member or steward (listed below) who will reserve your seat and forward your name and the collected funds to the Branch Treasurer. Dinner seats must be reserved and are limited to a maximum 120 members (Vegetarians must be noted) .

Vancouver-CRA Branch Executive: Term Expires

President: Kal Sahota 2019

Vice-President: Mohan Grewal 2020

Treasurer: Colin McBride 2019

Secretary: Lauren Kunimoto 2020

Member-at-Large: Jason Brown 2019

Member-at-Large: Mona Sidhu 2019

Member-at-Large: Michael Kreuzkamp 2020

This an election year for the following positions:

President, Treasurer, and 3 Member-at-Large (All positions have a 3 year term; except for one member-at-large which will be for 1 year).

Sub-Group stewards:

Surrey Sub-Group (SG)

Dean Kelava President 604-587-2519

John C. Wong SG Vice-President 604-587-2023

Lauren Kunimoto SG Secretary 604 587-2817

Bal Burm SG Treasurer 604-587-2103

Bill Guest Member-at-Large 604-930-7353

Jason Brown Member-at-Large 604-587-2982

Stephen Ng Member-at-Large 604-930-3523

Simon Chiu Member-at-Large 604-585-5793

Michael Kreuzkamp Member-at-Large 604-586-4701

Mona Sidhu Member-at-Large 604-587-2840

Greg Day Member-at-Large 604-587-2841

Marvin Magana Member-at-Large 604-930-7464

Lyudmyla Skrypnikova Steward 604-587-2091

Jim Thatcher Steward 604-587-2223

Michael Kreuzkamp Steward 604-586-4701

Grace Chau Steward 604-585-5137

Vancouver Sub-Group (SG)

Dan Jones SG President 604-666-9447

Charles Lee SG Vice-President 604-666-5919

Ted Roome SG Secretary 778-374-8063

Sohila Sherbafi SG Treasurer 778-374-8185

Mike Chow Member-at-Large 604-775-7942

Mohan Grewal Member-at-Large 778-374-8262

Vinay Patel Member-at-Large 604-775-5984

Ingrid Tan Member-at-Large 604 666-6085

Kelly Plato Member-at-Large 604 658-8620

Thomas Kirkpatrick Member-at-Large 778-374-8051

Sabina Denton Member-at-Large 778-374-8068

Mladen Komnenic Member-at-Large 604-666-0474

Mauro Defeudis Steward-in-Waiting 604-666-6472

Randy Jang Steward-in-Waiting 604-6662166

Lee Luong Steward-in-Waiting 604-775-5403

David Pearce Steward-in-Waiting 604-666-2262