Vancouver Branch Executive Meeting (No.42) Minutes

Wednesday September 13, 2017

Location: Whitespot Restaurant, 1616 West Georgia, Vancouver, B.C.


Karen Hall (fall 2018) President

Behzad Mehrabadi (fall 2017) Secretary

Tim Powers (fall 2018) – Treasurer

Daryl Wong (fall 2017) Member-at-Large

Kathy Kerr (fall 2018) - Member-at-Large

Geoff Kendell (fall 2018) Member-at-Large


Daniel Thibault (fall 2017) Vice-President

Terry Peters (fall 2018) Member-at-Large

Jean Laberge (fall 2017) Member-at-Large

Sid Ansari (fall 2017)-Member-at-Large

Ted Molyneux (fall 2018) Member-at-Large

1.0 Meeting called to order at 5:20 pm by K. Hall.

2.0 Approval of Agenda: M/S J. Kendell/K. Kerr - carried.

3.0 Approval of Draft minutes

  • Approval of draft minutes No. 41, Wednesday, April 12, 2017 Executive meeting:  M/S J. Kendell/K. Kerr - carried.

4.0 Business arising from previous Executive meeting

  • Items are carried as per agenda.

5.0 Treasurer's Report

  • T. Powers provided a report about the branch finances.

6.0 Mobilization and Engagement Events

  • K. Hall provides a report about the events from the last meeting to the current one which includes Steward Appreciation, Labour day and Pride day. The issue of tent and how to be used in case of T. Powers’ absence was discussed.
  • The upcoming events are discussed which includes lunch and learn in November, Gathering about the Phoenix on Oct. 18th and Stewart council meeting on Oct. 20th and 21st.
  • K. Hall will talk to CAPE and PSAC about having a movie night in November or December.


  • PIPSC AGM will be on November 17th and 18th.
  • K. Kerr, S. Ansari, T. Peters and T. Molyneux are going as part of Executives. J. Laberge and J. Kendell will go as part of other groups.

8.0 Vancouver Branch AGM

  • The AGM will be on Thursday December 7th at Holliday Inn.
  • S. Ansari will report to the next meeting.
  • Debbie will be invited to AGM as guest speaker.
  • T. Powers will investigate to invite a person from Labor movement as the guest speaker to talk about housing or other related issues to our members in Greater Vancouver and report to next meeting.


  • Wednesday November 8, 2017, from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM.
    • Location will be determined and Executive will be informed.

10.0 Adjournment @ 7:50 pm. M/S K. Kerr/K. Hall