Meeting Details

Venue: White Spot, 1616 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, BC.
Date: Thursday, September 27, 2018
Time: 5:00pm to 8:00pm

Name Role Term Attendance
Ted Molyneux (TM) President Fall 2018
Kathy Kerr (KK) Vice President Fall 2018 ✔
Tim Powers (TP) Treasurer Fall 2019 ✔
Philip Tam (PT) Secretary Fall 2019 ✔
Geoff Kendell (GK) Member-at-Large Fall 2018 ✔
Jean Laberge (JL) Member-at-Large Fall 2019
Behzad Mehrabadi (BM) Member-at-Large Fall 2019 ✔
Terry Peters (TPe) Member-at-Large Fall 2018 ✔
Ervin Selak (ES) Member-at-Large Fall 2019 ✔
Steve Hindle Full-Time Vice President N/A ✔ (Guest)
Rob MacDonald Regional Director, BC N/A ✔ (Guest)

Agenda Items


1. 1 Meeting Call to order

i. Called to order at 5:51pm by TP

2. 2 Approval of Agenda

i. Approval of agenda.

M/S: TP/TPe, Carried.

3. Approval of Draft minutes

i. Approval of draft minutes (#46) from Wednesday May 23, 2018.

M/S: TP/TPe, Carried.

4. Guest Speaker’s Presentation

i. Steve Hindle:

Idea of “Professionals Canada” was discussed to support non-unionized professionals in the field. Intent is to provide a community for professionals employed by small organization or self-employed and allow access for collective benefits.

ii. Rob MacDonald:

Reminder that PIPSC Election is coming up to encourage members to vote and review the candidate’s biography.

5. Business arising from previous Executive meeting

i. Vancouver Branch AGM:

Agreed to be a dinner event to be handled by JL, date TBC with TM.

Holiday Inn. JL

ii. Labour Day Event Review:

Booth location was not ideal due to fencing. Also felt that unique wristband hindered members from accessing the tent. Lack of membership/exec showed up. Proceeds went to PNE.

Concerns regarding timeline to request for supplies from Ottawa, suggestion to plan proactively.

iii. Pride Day:

BM learn that we have to book a tent 1 year in advance, hosting a table is approximately $150 (TBC). BM to register for a tent in 2019, walking with BC Fed, goodies/pamphlets request. Need rainbow/flag for the event. BM

iv. Resolution to PIPSC: Completed by KK, never presented.

v. Recognition of Retired Executives:

Difficult topic, more discussions/clarifications required (ie. Valuation of the gift? Dinner Ceremony? Book of PIPSC/Labour Topics? Tickets to an event? Leather goods? Wine?) Agreed that it may be a good idea to present at the annual AGM. List of retired executives:

Daryl Wong, Dan Thibeault, Sid Ansari

6. 5 New Business Arising

i. Event Listing:

May Day

Woman’s Day

ii. Pension Presentation:

Tentatively Nov 14 evening, venue TBC and advise (BM to check YWCA Hornby/Beatty, KK to check Whitespot Dunsmuir). Skytrain access is a concern. Ted to revise the poster. Caterer’s name is “Potluck”. BM


7. Treasurer’s Report

i. Treasury Report provided.


i. Sent delegate list to Headquarter. Ervin may not be able to attend.

Advise Cynthia if alternate list have to be updated.

9. Mobilization and Engagement Events

i. Movie Night:

TP to talk to JL about budget. JL

ii. Facebook Page:

ES to investigate. ES

iii. Boxes of swag:

ES to follow up with Karen Hall.

Plans of asset storage was discussed.

Store a place new Burnaby and then make a code.

M/S: KK/TP, Carried. ES

10. Next Meeting

i. Tuesday November 20, 2018 at Hide Lounge.

11. Adjournment

i. Meeting adjourned at 8:15 pm.

M/S: KK/TP, Carried.

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