Meeting Details

Venue: White Spot, 1616 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, BC.
Date: Wednesday May 23, 2018
Time: 5:00pm to 8:00pm

Name Role Term Attendance
Ted Molyneux (TM) President Fall 2018 ✔
Karen Hall (KH) Vice President Fall 2018
Tim Powers (TP) Treasurer Fall 2018 ✔
Philip Tam (PT) Secretary Fall 2019
Geoff Kendell (GK) Member-at-Large Fall 2018 ✔
Kathy Kerr (KK) Member-at-Large Fall 2018 ✔
Jean Laberge (JL) Member-at-Large Fall 2019
Behzad Mehrabadi (BM) Member-at-Large Fall 2019 ✔
Terry Peters (TPe) Member-at-Large Fall 2018 ✔
Ervin Selak (ES) Member-at-Large Fall 2018 ✔
John Staric Pensions & Benefits Officer N/A ✔ (Guest)

Agenda Items


1.0 Meeting Call to order

.1 Called to order at 5:25pm by T. Molyneux

2.0 Approval of Agenda

.1 Approval of agenda.

M/S: TP/TPe. Carried.

3.0 Approval of Draft minutes

.1 Approval of draft minutes (#45) from Tuesday April 10, 2018.

M/S: TP/GK. Carried.

4.0 Business arising from previous Executive meeting

.1 Items are carried as per agenda.

5.0 Vancouver Branch AGM

.1 T. Molyneux will ask Sid Ansari if he is willing to help for booking the venue. TM

.2 Further discussions defer to next meeting.

6.0 Guest Speakers

.1 John Staric provides a summary of his presentation that he did at lunch time.

.2 Executive expresses their interest to get more information about the disability and pension benefits and very impressed with the wealth of knowledge John had in his field.

.3 T. Powers will draft an evaluation feedback form and will send that to T. Molyneux to be used on Thursday, May 24th presentation by John Staric. TP

7.0 Treasurer’s Report

.1 Treasury Report provided.

.2 T. Powers provides cheques for the expenses occurred for lunch time presentations.

8.0 Election of Positions

.1 T. Molyneux provide news that K. Hall resigned from Executive due to her busy personal life.

.2 K. Kerr was appointed as new Vice President.

9.0 Mobilization and Engagement Events

.1 T. Molyneux provides a report for the activity of the branch from the last meeting. He explain how the lunch and learn was organized in Vancouver and Burnaby with a very short notice received about the arrival of John Staric.

.3 B. Mehrabadi provides report about May day March in Vancouver that he attend with PIPSC flag.

.4 B. Mehrabadi is assigned to coordinate the participation for Pride day ( Sunday August 5 at West End) in Vancouver and Labour day ( Monday September 3rd at PNE) and communicate with Executive to get help. T. Molyneux to discuss the participation of other unions in Pride Day and Labour Day and inform others about the result and coordinate with BM for getting more help from Executive and other members at large. TM, BM

.5 A suite rental for Steward & Sub-group liaison was discussed and further action deferred to next meeting.

10.0 PIPSC Regional Council meeting (June 1 to 2 @ Whistler, BC)

.1 President’s report was delivered.

.2 All Executive members plus 7 more for the total of 15 people will attend the Regional Council meeting.

.3 A lunch meeting will be held on Friday June 1st at 12:00 am. T. Powers will book the restaurant and T. Molyneux will inform all the delegates about the time and location of the meeting. TP, TM

.4 T. Molyneux rented a suite and Executive approved $400 to be spent on renting and drinks for the suite.

M/S: TM/GK. Carried.

.5 K. Kerr will draft a suggested resolution to PIPSC to provide more education related to disability and pension benefits for Stewarts and members. K. Kerr

11.0 PIPSC AGM - November 2-3, 2018 LOCATION – NCR, Gatineau

.1 T. Molyneux, B. Mehrabadi, P. Tam, Geoff Kendell and Ervin Selak are the Delegates. The Alternative delegates are T. Powers, Kathy Kerr and T. Peters.

T. Molyneux will communicate with PIPSC office and give them the list of delegates. TM

12.0 Recognition of Departed Executive

.1 T. Peters will work on proposal and will report to next meeting. TPe

13.0 Next Meeting

.1 Wednesday September 19, 2018, location TBD.

14.0 Adjournment

.1 Meeting adjourned at 9:15 pm.

M/S: TPe/TP, Carried.

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