Meeting Details

Venue: 1055 Dunsmuir Street, Vancouver BC (Hide Lounge)

Date: Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Time: 12:00pm to 1:00pm

Name : Role : Term : Attendance

Ted Molyneux (TM)  President  Fall 2018 ✔

Karen Hall (KH) Vice President Fall 2018 ✔

Tim Powers (TP) Treasurer Fall 2019

Philip Tam (PT) Secretary Fall 2019 ✔

Geoff Kendell (GK) Member-at-Large Fall 2018 ✔

Kathy Kerr (KK) Member-at-Large Fall 2018 ✔

Jean Laberge (JL) Member-at-Large Fall 2019 ✔

Behzad Mehrabadi (BM) Member-at-Large Fall 2019

Terry Peters (TPe) Member-at-Large Fall 2018 ✔

Ervin Selak (ES) Member-at-Large Fall 2018 ✔

Robert MacDonald (RM) BC/Yukon Regional Director N/A ✔ (Guest)

Don Burns BC President Retired Guild N/A ✔ (Guest)

Agenda Items


1.0 Meeting Call to order

.1 Called to order at 12:15pm by TM

2.0 Approval of Agenda

.1 Amendment to add section “Recognition of Departed Executive”. M/S: TM/PT.

.2 Approval of agenda. M/S: TM/PT.

3.0 Approval of Draft minutes (Feb 28, 2018)

.1 Approval of draft minutes (#44) from Feb 28, 2018. M/S: TM/PT.

4.0 Business arising from previous Executive meeting

.1 Items are carried as per agenda.

.2 Annual event calendar to be submitted. KH

.3 Membership count at 1353 as of December 2017. Branch make-up statistics report to be submitted. KH

5.0 Vancouver Branch AGM

.1 Planning and venue booking will be discussed at next meeting.

6.0 Guest Speakers

.1 Don Burns provided brief update on the retired member’s guild. Retirees expressed disappointment with the limitations on participation. The bylaws should be reviewed to allow involved from all members, including retirees.

.2 Retiree insurance (NAOPR) coverage could be improved, requires further investigation.

.3 Civilian members of RCMP will be joining PIPSC, expected large influx and onboarding will be required. Question remains with the connection between Surrey and the Vancouver branch. To be discussed in the future by Robert MacDonald.

7.0 Treasurer’s Report

.1 Treasury Report provided.

.2 Outstanding March for Science invoice not seen by Ted Molyneux. Karen to re-transmit the email and issue outstanding payment as soon as possible. Make this amount payable for last year as remaining debt. KH

.3 Allotment applied and signature required. TM

8.0 Election of Positions

.1 Tim Powers to resume the executive position of Treasurer while mentoring Ervin Selak. Headquarters will be informed of the change. TM

.2 Vice President position is vacant and Karen Hall was appointed.

Motion carried and all in favour.

9.0 Mobilization and Engagement Events

.1 Agreed to have a preliminary plan for 9 events this year. Encourage all members to help out with at least one event. All

.2 Discussed ideas to support Better Together for March for Science.

Motion and approved to pay March for Science invoice.

.3 Women’s event sold out

.4 Proposed ideas for bulletin board competition where winner is awarded a pizza lunch. Will reach out to executives and key leaders to obtain feedback. To be led by Ted Molyneux and Kathy Kerr. TM

.5 National Public Service Week coffee and donut event will be discussed at the next meeting.

.6 Planning for Stewart’s appreciating evening (mid-June). Should allow for 6 weeks of advertisement/RSVP’s and cross-promoted with sub-groups. Suggestion to have a dedicated correspondence with sub-groups. Karen to initiate the process by communicating with “The Rogue” and pass information to the future event organizer. KH

.7 Initiate planning for the autumn movie event (A-list movie TBD) and collaborate with the sub-groups (seeking volunteers). Landmark theatre should be able to accommodate 120 people. JL

.8 Encourage members to become a stewart and strengthen the linkage between membership with PIPSC. All

10.0 PIPSC Regional Council meeting (June 1 to 2 @ Whistler, BC)

.1 President’s report to be drafted. KH

.2 Interested attendees should submit their names (with alternate) no later than Apr 13, 2018. Information package should be mailed out in early May. All


.1 To be discussed at the next meeting.

12.0 Recognition of Departed Executive

.1 To be discussed at the next meeting.

13.0 Branch Assets

.1 The tent is currently held by Simon Cowell.

.2 The branch’s approach is to obtain storage space for asset storage. TP

.3 Ervin Selak to receive other branch assets from Karen Hall ES

14.0 Next Meeting

.1 May 23, 2018, location TBD.

15.0 Adjournment

.1 Meeting adjourned at 1:30pm. M/S: TM/PT.


End of Document