PIPSC Joint NCVI Branch  - November 14, 2019 - gather at 5:30, meeting at 6

Private dining room, Smoke n Water Restaurant, Nanoose




Carl Cahoon (Spring 2021) Branch President

Nick Leone (Spring 2020) branchVP

Alan Messner (Spring 2019) Branch MAL

Jean Van Der Mark (Spring 2019) Br R-MAL

Diana McHugh (Spring 2019) Branch MAL

Kalie Gossen (Spring 2019) Branch MAL

Tamas Lipcsey (Spring 2019) Branch Treas


Anna Brockhoff (Spring 2021) Branch Treas

Jennifer Mollins (Spring 2020) Br Secretary

Charles Fort (Spring 2020) Branch R-MAL

Bill Woolverton (Spring 2019) Branch R-MAL


1.   Commence with quorum of 7 at 6:00 pm

  • Recognition that on traditional territory of the Coast Salish people


2. Review agenda


2. Approve last minutes

  • Motion to approve minutes of last meeting M/S Diana / Alan

3.  Action items

  1. May need to update the request for funds for T shirts for new executive members Diana and Kalie shirts (Carl) - in progress, delayed due to introduction of new region logo.
  2. CLC’s DLC in Comox/Campbell River, Nanaimo or Ladysmith- Bill - ongoing.  May attend DLC meetings to check it out. - defer
  3. Joint branch and subgroup meeting - Jennifer and Dan - plan for Sept – abandoned by SP subgroup
  4. Slack has been installed by all those on Exec.   Members to use the channel called Exec Meetings.  A new channel called AGM 2020 will be created to host conversations related to this. 
      1. Minutes and Agendas can be uploaded and posted to the channel.
  5. PSAC - Jennifer to contact Richard May
  6. Nick to follow up with PBS re Christmas Party

4.  Treasurer's Report

  • No activity, no expenses to report

5.  Branch standing items

  • AGM – 2020 – Traditionally have AGM in May, try Feb to increase SP participation as is an off-time for field season.  First choice is Tues Feb 18th, second choice is Thursday Feb 13th.
    • Nick to confirm with VIU
    • AGM 10 min topics will be 4 short presentations on AI, EWSP (Employee Wellness), Young Professionals, Pensions.
    • Carl to chat with Rob MacDonald re PIPSC presenters for some of these topics
    • Elections: Vp and Secretary are up for elections
    • Election Chair: Charles nominated to conduct this activity
    • Door Prizes/Draw prizes and baskets – Want door prize to be smaller than draw prize, Legacy Fund will be recipient for draw basket.
    • Parking – Nick
    • Anna to obtain a roll of Toonies for the parking
    • Greeters – Jean head greeter, all exec to help out if available
    • Swag: Carl to confir with Rob M
    • Call for nominations needs to go out ahead of AGM – Jennifer
    • AGM invitation 6 weeks ahead of date (Jan 21), follow up email to members 3 weeks before AGM


5. . New Business / Roundtable / Updates

  • Steward Council – Very well attended
  • PIPSC AGM - Professionals Canada motion defeated
  • Travel Claim Software – Easy to use, reimbursement fast


  1. Discuss possible dates for year:
    • December 1 - DFO PIPSC sponsored children’s Christmas party
    • December 6 and 7  - PIPSC executive training, Vancouver – Alan going, Tamas on short list
    • Jan/Feb  - Branch executive meeting (AGM planning)
    • February 18 or 13, 2020 - Branch AGM
    • February 24 - Phoenix anniversary (implemented in 2016)
    • March/April - Branch executive meeting (AGM planning debrief)
    • April - advanced steward training
    • May/June - regional council


Meeting Adjourned at 830 PM – Next Exec Meeting in new year.