NCVI branch executive - July 30 2019 - Cuckoo’s restaurant, Coombs



Carl Cahoon (Spring 2021) Branch President

Nick Leone (Spring 2020) branchVP

Anna Brockhoff (Spring 2021) Branch Treas

Jennifer Mollins (Spring 2020) Br Secretary

Alan Messner (Spring 2019) Branch MAL

Jean Van Der Mark (Spring 2019) Br R-MAL

Bill Woolverton (Spring 2019) Branch R-MAL

Diana McHugh (Spring 2019) Branch MAL

Kalie Gossen (Spring 2019) Branch MAL


Nick Leone (Spring 2020) branchVP

Tamas Lipcsey (Spring 2019) Branch Treas

Jean Van Der Mark (Spring 2019) Br R-MAL


1.   Commence with quorum of 6 at 5:55pm

  • Recognition that on traditional territory of the Coast Salish people
  • Welcome / introductions to Anna, our new treasurer


2. Review agenda


2. Approve last minutes

  • Motion to approve minutes of last meeting M/S Diana / Alan


3.  Action items

  1. Order branch shirts for new executive members Diana and Kalie shirts (Carl) - in progress, will add shirt for Anna
  2. CLC’s DLC in Comox/Campbell River, Nanaimo or Ladysmith- Bill - ongoing.  May attend DLC meetings to check it out. - defer
  3. Joint branch and subgroup meeting - Jennifer and Dan - plan for Sept - in progress
  4. Ideas for International Labour Day, Canadian Labour Day and/or Public Service weeks for our branch - All - Anna - available to deliver a lunch and learn in Comox
  5. Regional Council
  • Attending Regional Council were Kalie and Alan.   Sophia Sorenson (BCFNHA) and Mary Theiss were confirmed but did not attend. Need more extensive alternates list next year.  THis year, when several delegates were no longer available, sent notice to execs of AV, SP and CS subgroups.
  • General debrief - it was a good meeting, a good opportunity to make connections. Recommended to attend next year.


7. Allan recommended ‘Slack’ for branch business instead of emails.  - Alan to circulate Slack to us to start our service

8. Not getting issued ID cards (RCMP and ISEDC) - being addressed at RCMP and has been addressed  ISEDC


4.  Treasurer's Report

  • Branch Financials 2019 YTD, approved budget for 2019 and 2020
      • AGM costs, shirt costs, branch allocations and regional refund deposits.  So far we are under budget
  • Branch motions for any expenses approved by email
      • Bike to work at pbs - $100 M/S Carl / Alan
      • PBS Seafood BBQ - $250 Charles / Bill


4. Branch standing items

  • AGM - May 1 debrief - Concern that lower attendance may be due to lack of topic speaker and the time of year. 
    • AGM - 2020 planning
      1. Date: February or April
      2. Speaker: Climate change, earthquake, emergency prep.  Jennifer to follow up.


5. . New Business / Roundtable / Updates

  • Selection of delegate for PIPSC AGM - Nick, alternates Kalie, Alan
  • Discuss possible dates for year:
    • September - Labour Day weekend - Comox lunch and learn
    • September  - Branch executive with SP subgroup meeting (fall/winter activities/meeting with SP subgroup)
    • October 18 and 19 - PIPSC Steward Council BC/YK - Victoria
    • October 21- Federal election
    • October -  Branch executive meeting (winter activities, AGM planning, regional council delegates)
    • November 21 to 23 - Steward basic training, Vancouver
    • November 8 and 9r: PIPSC AGM in Ottawa - Nick, alternates Kalie and Alan
    • December - executive meeting ( AGM planning, regional council delegates, National Public Service Week activities)
    • December 1 - DFO PIPSC sponsored children’s christmas party
    • December 6 and 7  - PIPSC executive training, Victoria
    • December - NAnaimo/Duncan CLC AGM
    • January 15, 2020 - Branch AGM
    • February  - Branch executive meeting (AGM debrief, planning for National Public Service Week, fall/winter activities)
    • February 24 - Phoenix implementation anniversary (implemented in 2016)
    • April - advanced steward training
    • May/June - regional council
  • Do Better campaign materials - given to Carl
  • PSAC - Jennifer to contact Richard May
  • Notes for 2018 and 2019 meetings have been submitted to PIPSC for web posting.
  • Roundtable - loud room at restaurant, some members taking new jobs, others noticing more movement and senior people leaving

6.Next meeting: September with subgroups and October with exec  - date to be finalized by Doodle