North Central Vancouver Island Branch Annual General Meeting - 2020

February 18, 2020 Vancouver Island University, Nanaimo, Building No. 300, Arbutus Room

Attendance:  Refer to Event Registration/Attendance – Attachment A-1

Branch members present including the executive: 22

Executive members present (8): Carl CahoonNick Leone, Anna Brockhoff, Tamas Lipcsey, Jennifer Mollins, Charles Fort, Bill Woolverton, Diana McHugh

Executive members Absent (3):  MaLs: Jean VanderMark, Alan Messner and Kalie Gossen

Guests:      Robert MacDonald, PIPSC BC/Yukon Regional Director

  1.   Call to order:

    The meeting was chaired and called to order at 5:50 pm by President Carl Cahoon. Commencement of AGM was delayed (Original Start time: 5:30) due to travel related delays of some registered participants.
  2.   Acceptance of the Agenda (Attachment A-2):

Motion:   To accept agenda as presented.

Bill Woolverton/ Tamas Lipcsey


  1.   Adoption of Minutes of 2019 AGM (Deferred to later on in Agenda):

Note: Secretary Jennifer Mollins was delayed so motion on floor to move Adoption of 2019 Minutes later in Agenda, prior to Dinner. 

Motion:   To Approve adoption of the 2019 AGM minutes

Nick Leone / Bill Woolverton


  1. Financial Report for 2019 & Proposed Budget for 2020 and 2021:

Anna Brockhoff presented the statement of revenue and expenses for 2019 and the Branch budget for 2020 and 2021. See attachment A-3.

Motion: To accept the 2019 Financial Report & Proposed Budget for 2020-21 as presented.

Charles Fort / Diana McHugh


  1.   President’s Report:

Carl Cahoon read out the President’s Report.  No further questions or commentary from the floor.  See attachment A-4.

  1. Elections:  Call for Nominations for Vice-President, Secretary and (7) Members At Large:

Elections Officer Charles Fort made 3 consecutive calls (each) for Nominations from the floor for positions of Vice President, Secretary & Members at Large.

Vice President:   Carl Nominated Nick Leone as Vice-President, and he accepted (2nd term). Nick Leone was acclaimed as Vice-President for another two-year term ending at the 2022 AGM.

Secretary:  Carl nominated Jennifer Mollins as Secretary (or Co-secretary with current MaL, Allen Messner). Jennifer accepted – Allen to be confirmed by Executive online vote. Jennifer Mollins was acclaimed as Secretary for a two-year term ending at the 2020 AGM.

Members at Large (7):  Charles asked for nominations from the floor for Members at Large. Member Maria Surrey volunteered to become a member at large, receiving unanimous approval. All other MaLs in attendance were reaffirmed & accepted. 3 absentee members to be approached to confirm their continuation/standing as supporting MaL (Jean VanderMark, Alan Messner & Kalie Gossen)..

Diana McHugh, Charles Fort, Bill Woolverton and Tama Lipcsey were acclaimed (and accepted) as continuing Members-at-Large for a one year term ending on the 2021 AGM. Current absentee MaLs: Jean VanderMark, Alan Messner & Kalie Gossen will be asked for their continued support as MaL for another 1-year term.

  1. Adoption of Minutes of the 2019 AGM (as deferred from top of Agenda):

Motion: To accept the minutes of the 2019 Branch AGM (as presented)

Nick Leone / Anna Brockhoff


8)  Business arising from the Minutes:    None

  1. Ted Talk Presentations (brief, themed presentations):

Two key presentations were delivered: Employee Wellness Support Program (EWSP) and Public Service Employee Pension Program & related Benefits.

Carl Cahoon presented first talk on the proposed EWSP – key features, comparison with current PSC Sick Leave program, employee benefits and ratification & implementation process (delivered part-way prior to pause dinner service).

  1. Dinner:

Executive took a moment to acknowledge VIU Event Service personnel for their extended efforts & service of the AGM.

Meeting temporarily adjourned at 6:30pm; Reconvened at 7:15pm.

VIU Event Services prepared & served a 100th PIPSC Anniversary Cake to AGM participants in recognition of PIPSC 100th year of service.

  1. Continuation of Ted-Talk Presentations – EWSP – 7:20pm – 7:40pm

President Carl Cahoon continued speaking after supper providing further details & answering questions concerning the EWSP.

10)    Guest Speaker – Robert MacDonald – BC & Yukon Regional Director:

Regional Director Rob delivered a brief though informative presentation (20mins) highlighting the key aspects of PIPSC members PS Pension Plans and associated benefits – emphasizing the Top-10 factors. Rob’s slide presentation (pdf format) was made available to all registered AGM participants (Refer to Attachment A-5)

Rob MacDonald also fielded questions from the floor concerning issues around members pensions & access to additional information & training, in addition to some general Q&A around PIPSC.

  1. Door Prize Draw (Anna Brockhoft & Carl Cahoon):

The draw for the door prizes was held – conducted by Carl Cahoon & Anna Brockhoff. Three gift baskets were prepared by Executive members, Nick Leone, Carl Cahoon & Anna Brockhoff. PIPSC-branded items were donated by the Nanaimo SP Subgroup, Linda Nichols, Robert MacDonald and Carl Cahoon.

AGM participants were encouraged to take away PIPSC promotional items for their workplace as a means to increase visibility & to promote engagement/dialogue with colleagues.

12)    Adjournment:

Motion: To adjourn the meeting.        

Bill Woolverton / Tamas Lipcsey

Adjourned at 8:20 pm

President’s Report to the North Central Vancouver Island Branch (NCVI)

2020 AGM

The NCVI Branch serves 221 regular members and 15 retired members from Duncan to Port Hardy. Our seven-member executive met five times since our last AGM, discussing Phoenix, collective agreements, rallies, events, partnerships and engagement.

Obtain 2020 Presidents Report