Fraser Valley Branch – AGM – April 28, 2021

Roll Call (members of the Branch Executive)

  • Ian Shaw – Welcomed everyone to the meeting. 
  • Ian mentioned he became President when the previous president stepped before the end of their term.  He mentioned that all positions will be up for election for either one or two year terms at today’s meeting.
  • Roll Call of Executive Members Present:  Ian Shaw, Phil Johnson, and Tom Shaw.

Approval of the Agenda

  • M/S/ Phil / Josh.  Motion Carried.

Adoption of the Minutes of the previous Annual General meeting

  • This was tabled until the next general meeting.

Business Arising from the Minutes

  • None identified.

Report of the President

  • Ian noted that his objective was to prioritize diversity in the Branch.  While in the past most executive were nurses and from TRC, the goal is to include members from all areas of the Fraser Valley.  He indicated the plan to schedule regular meetings, implement member engagement initiatives and provide a forum to discuss resolutions / matters that would be going to the PIPSC AGM.

Annual Financial Report

  • Ian noted that we did not have a current Financial Report to present at today’s meeting.  An update report will be prepared for the next AGM and will be discussed at an upcoming Executive Meeting.  He was advised by the past Treasurer that no branch funds have been used in the last two years.  

Report of the Elections Committee

  • Robert MacDonald, Director, BC/Yukon Region performed the role of the Elections Committee.  Three calls for nominations were held for all positions of the executive.  The following individuals were elected by acclamation.


    • President – 1 Year - Ian Shaw
    • Vice Josh – 2 Year - Josh Jessel
    • Secretary – 1 Year - Meena Gill
    • Treasurer – 2 Year - Phil Johnson
    • Members At Large – 2 Years: 4 Positions; 1 Year: 4 Positions
    • 2 Years:
    • 1 Alica Lunz
    • 2 Amanda Crandall
    • 3 Tyler Grado
    • 4 Ravi Kochar
    • 1 Year:
    • 5 Thomas Shaw
    • 6 Ian Yeh
    • 7 Kathryn Beamiss
    • 8 Kaelin Duncan

New Business, including By-Law Amendments.

Phil Johnson – Provided an update of activities of the CSC Consultation Team.  Phil reinforced the goal is to have diversity in the branch that reflects the entire area. Mike Bowers is working to keep the sub-group going.  Will follow up and see how the branch can work with the sub-group.

Ian Shaw – Would like to help educate the team with the by-laws with the goal is to be transparent. Wanted to thank everyone for all the work during the pandemic.  Over 26 participants at today’s meeting which exceeded expectations.  The Union is us, so he encourage everyone to get involved.  Hoping in the near future to utilize union funds to encourage participation.   Ian thanked Rob MacDonald for attending.

Rob MacDonald – Thanked Ian for organizing.  Extended his appreciation to all the members of the executive for volunteering.  He also offered his on-going support to the executive and let folks know he is easily available by email: