BC/Yukon Steward of the Year Award 2019 - Nomination Form

Nomination Form for:

BC/Yukon Steward of the Year Award

Purpose: The BC/Yukon Region wishes to recognize the outstanding contributions of a PIPSC member active as a steward in the BC/Yukon region.  Steward must have a minimum of 2 years and expected to be active.

Eligibility: All active BC/Yukon PIPSC stewards in good standing with a minimum of 2 years.


First and last name:

Executive position(s) held:

Reason(s) for Nomination:

(Please use additional space as required)

Note that specific examples of outstanding contributions, along with “ambassadorial” and/or professional traits or qualities are attributes that the committee will appraise.  Should be no more than 300 words


A minimum of two members of two different constituent bodies (region, branches and or sub-groups is required for the nomination to be valid.

Sponsor’s name:

Representing (name of constituent body)


Deadline: The nomination deadline is June 28.

Please return the nomination form to bcy_nominations@pipsc.ca or by fax to 604 688.8290 or 1.800.330.1988