Atlantic Regional Training Committee Meeting Minutes

Suite 200, 1718 Argyle St., Halifax – October 14, 2017

CHAIRPERSON: Carolyn Hynes

COMMITTEE: Manny Costain

Cathy Hebert

Mike Pauley

Phil Wilson

REGRETS: Kim Skanes, Atlantic Regional Director

STAFF: Catherine Pinks – Recording Secretary

Carolyn called the special meeting of the Atlantic Regional Training Committee to order at 8:30 am.

I. Approval of Agenda

The following items were added to the agenda: IX a). Lunch and Learn; b). OSH Cheat Sheet and c). PIPSC Structure Presentation.

Motion #1 Mike moved and Manny seconded that the Agenda be approved as amended. Carried

II. a. Approval of Minutes of April 30, 2017

ACTION: Catherine check the Steward Application form to determine if the suggested changes from the April Training Committee meeting were implements.


Motion #2 Phil moved and Manny seconded that the minutes of April 30, 2017, be approved as presented. Carried

b. Action Items

Carolyn led the committee through a review of the action items.

Action Items

Generated by the Atlantic Regional Training Committee

from the April 30, 2017, meeting at the Delta Halifax



Item/Completion Deadline





Prepare NB OSH Cheat Sheet and BF for review at May meeting.


BF May



Follow up with Isabelle Roy on presenting on the topic of mental health at our Steward Council.




Training Committee

Review Resolutions for Resolution Workout and determine: order of presentation and suggest challenges to make during the exercises. Report back Catherine by April 10.





Organize Bowling Tournament for ARC: 5 pin, small ball, 5 per team, single elimination, 1s, 2nd, 3rd prize, worst and best team score, best team name and best team spirit.





Purchase Wireless Headphones for raffle prize at ARC.





Source acceptable charity in Charlottetown,





Purchase Apple Watch for raffle prize at Steward Council.





Source acceptable charity in Halifax.





“Nudge” Training Committee on Action Item #9: Review Resolutions for Resolution Workout and determine: order of presentation and suggest challenges to make during the exercises. Report back Catherine by May 10, 2017.





Request that Steward Applications go to the respective Sub Group Chairs.





Create a listing of unionized properties in Halifax with appropriate space for a Training School and regular Training.





Advise Delta Halifax to protect space for 2020 and 2021.




Training Committee

Review the document on Mental Health and provide feedback to Manny by May 8.





Send an electronic copy of the document on Mental Health to the Training Committee.





Speak with Paul regarding the issues identified at the school.




Kim and Catherine

Select a date and venue and prepare a notice of meeting for distribution for the Dorchester AGM.



ACTION: Catherine look into who is cc’d on the Steward Renewals.

ACTION: Manny request that Steward Application approvals and renewals be sent to the respective sub group presidents.

III. Calendar of Events

Manny pointed out an error in the dates – January 26, 2018, Regional Executive meeting. Should be January 27, 2018.

IV. Basic Steward Training

The Training Committee Representative’s Report from Cathy Hebert was reviewed along with the course and venue evaluations. All provided a positive evaluation of the venue and course.

Catherine mentioned that the facilitators complimented Cathy Hebert, Training Committee Representative on the course for the great job she did in her role.

V. Evolving to meet the Needs Presentation

Carolyn reviewed the Power Point prepared for the Steward Council, Evolving to Meet Needs.

The following concerns/queries arose:

  • Concern around the validity of the education survey with Stewards representing only 8% of the participants hence a small sample to evaluate current Steward Training. Value would be added if we knew the response rate.
  • Were front line staff (ERO’s) consulted on this initiative?
  • What are the goals of this initiative and how will they be measured?
  • Has a time frame between taking Basic Training and enrolling in Advanced been established?
  • Acknowledging the overall membership was well represented in this survey but, the new direction appears to be skewed to stewards; and while noting the results supported a reasonable representation of the membership, value would be added if we had known the response rate.
  • Accountability is noted as the 1st guiding principle, yet there is no direction on how to measure this principal.
  • Online training modules should be restricted to a maximum of 1.5 hours, not 3, as longer modules have the potential for members to leave modules prior to completion.
  • Additionally, the online modules should have an option to bookmark section of the module, to allow members the flexibility to chunk sections and complete at various times once started.

Discussion ensued regarding Train the Trainer, specifically the criteria to be a trainer. How does this impact the ERO’s? Interestingly, we noted the current training and steward policies support stewards assisting in training and steward mentorship, hence not a new initiative. These policies will require updating to support the proposed model.

VI. Training Policy and Steward Policy Review

The Policy was tabled for review. It was agreed the preamble needed to be rewritten, but all agreed that the policies should be revisited once the new training plan is closer to implementation.

ACTION: Catherine BF report on new stewards and stewards struck off strength at each Executive Meeting.

VII. Selection Criteria Activity

In groups, the committee brainstormed selection and approval criteria for Regional and National Training schools. Our results mirrored those of the TEC committee. A few points for consideration:

Level 1:

  • Include a statement of duties document that has box for the member to place initial. Acts as a steward agreement-agreement to carry out the duties described within.

Level II and III:

  • Include a statement of duties document that has box for the member to place initials. Steward agreement-agreement to carry out the duties described.
  • Has been active in prior level for a minimum of one year.
  • Approval/endorsement from group/sub group.
  • Reorganize bullets: Bullet 6 and 7 should follow bullet 1
  • Bullet 8: “keeping in mind taking advanced training requires new roles”-not measurable
  • Bullet 10: “Experience in the subject matter in the workplace must be illustrated”-why/how-some departments for consultation and OSH have not had the opportunity to gain prior experience hence limiting members to expand interests
  • Concerns re: Regional Office Administrator role at National course level-notifications should be completed at national level or rotate the responsibility via regions each year (e.g., Alt 2018; NCR 2019, etc.)
  • Allocate specific # of seats to each region (e.g., 5 seats for Atlantic the Atlantic Regional Office Administrator will provide 10 names in priority order, and the National Regional Office Admin will move down the list in priority order to fill the 5 seats)

VIII. New Business

a. Lunch and Learns: Carolyn reported we still have ample funds left in this line item. She has received a number of requests for Lunch and Learns, but has not received any requests for payment.

b. Cheat Sheet – NB OHS: Mike Pauley tabled his OHS Cheat Sheet for review.

ACTION: Catherine ask Max to review the OHS Cheat Sheet in time for inclusion in the November NB OHS course.

c. PIPSC Structure Presentation in Basic Steward: It was noted that there were two or three presentations on PIPSC Structure circulating in Atlantic for use in the Basic Steward Training.

ACTION: Catherine to standardize the deck and add in the Exercise entitled “Where Do I Fit?”

IX. Round Table/Adjournment

Following a round table, the meeting was adjourned at 4:30 pm.

NOTE: Should you wish to view copies of reports presented at this meeting, please direct your request to