Atlantic Regional Executive Meeting Minutes - December 8, 2023



The Lord Nelson, Halifax, NS 



Manny Costain



Christine LeDrew, Secretary

Jennifer Cantwell

Lori Rowe

Carolyn Hynes

Gerald Hill

Kimberley Keats

Tony Chubbs

Scott McConaghy 

Yvonne O’Keefe

Mike Pauley


  1. Welcome and Directors’ Opening Remarks

Manny called the meeting to order at 9:11am. He welcomed everyone to the meeting and that we have the holiday season upon us. He noted Tony’s flight was a bit delayed and he will be arriving shortly. Manny offered a land acknowledgement:


“I would like to begin by acknowledging that we are in Mi’kma’ki (prounounced meg-maw-gee), the ancestral and unceded territory of the Mi’kmaq People. This territory is covered by the “Treaties of Peace and Friendship” which Mi’kmaq Wəlastəkwiyik (pronounced wool-las-two-wi-ig), and Passamaquoddy (pronounced pa-suh-maa-kwuh-dee) peoples first signed with the British Crown in 1726. The treaties did not deal with surrender of lands and resources but in fact recognized Mi’kmaq and Wəlastəkwiyik title and established the rules for what was to be an ongoing relationship between nations.”


  1. Ice Breaker

Tony proceeded with a light fun Ice Breaker when he arrived.  Gerald volunteered to do the Ice Breaker for the January meeting.  


3.   Agenda

There were no additions made to the agenda.  


Motion # 1 Yvonne O’Keefe moved, and Jennifer Cantwell seconded that the agenda be approved.  CARRIED.


  1. Approval of Regional Executive Minutes


The minutes of October 19th, 2023 were reviewed.  There was a discussion on what was said, and Carolyn noted the minutes were to be updated to reflect changes under topic J. Michael Pauley mentioned that Sean O’Reilly did not know about the NB Group update. Manny noted that it was in the EC minutes from July’s meeting. 


Motion # 2 Carolyn Hynes moved; Lori Rowe seconded that the minutes be approved as amended.  CARRIED.


  1. Action Items Review

Manny reviewed the Action Items.

Action Items

Atlantic Regional Executive

             October 19, 2023 – The Marriott Harbourfront, Halifax, NS







Item/Completion Deadline







To rebook the virtual Atlantic Regional Steward Check-In for every two months.





Scope out new properties for meetings, one suggestion was the Hilton Garden Inn, St. John’s, NL.  






To communicate with Cheryl regarding the Training Committee’s decisions on training after each meeting.






To look into the Annual General Meeting visibility item.  






Think about executive meet and greets





Training Committee

Make a process for L&L expense claims






Look into Costco delivery of snacks for AGM hospitality






See if The Sutton, Halifax Convention Center, and nearby hotels can accommodate for SC 2024






Add ARC Networking event to December agenda






Obtain prices for an event (Ledwell and American Pie)






Purchase headphones, Bluetooth speaker, Garmin watch as raffle prizes





Scott & Manny

Reach out to retired members regarding Atlantic history






Look at documents to compile Atlantic history






Send price and product for AGM from other distributors to exec






To get delegates sizing for AGM visibility item






Purchase item for Legacy Foundation raffle at the AGM. Limit $62.50






Add action items from strategic planning meeting to December meeting folder/agenda






Confirm with Donna on the calendar of events item for 2024 Steward Council






Ask the AGM Task force about letting any delegate attend the orientation sessions.






To question at BLPC meeting why the updated policies are not showing on the website. (google drive)






Confirm with Regional Office swag inventory (item and number)






Create a list of ARC gift ideas






Price the IT power banks as ARC gift idea






Exec and Steward of the year award gifts. How many left and where are they?






Email exec the steward council facilitator positions






To confirm with Donna what link she uses for Cvent tutorial






Book location for 18 at Christmas support with staff






Confirm with Donna about new logo on documents





Resolutions Sub Committee

Bring resolution to ARC to fix the bylaw of training committee members. 





#1: Manny noted the next steward check in is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday January 16th. Discussion on start time occurred as some members feel 7pm Atlantic is too late and 6pm may be too early. Christine noted that stewards don’t realize that it is a drop in and out type session. 


Action: Christine to confirm with Donna and Natasha if the steward check in states a drop in/out. 

Action: Manny to let Donna and Natasha know the date for the next check in.  


#8: Manny stated that Donna confirmed the only option for steward council in 2024 is The Lord Nelson. He noted that Chris Coughlin has a contact at the Sutton Place for 2025. The Sutton does not have a conference space so would have to host the council at the Convention Center. 


#16: It was noted that there was no information shared on who won the legacy raffle prizes or the service plus prizes. Christine stated she will reach out to Stacy McLaren and Andrew Gize. 


Action: Christine to follow up with Stacy and Andrew on prizes from AGM. 


#20: Scott and Manny noted that it has been corrected on the website. 

#21: Christine noted she contacted Donna and Natasha with no final details. Christine will reach out for an update. 


Action: Christine to follow up with Donna and Natasha on swag inventory. 


#24: Christine spoke with Cathy Hebert, and she stated there was 2 and they were at the Halifax office. Christine will reach out to Cathy for the contact information of the person we have purchased these prints from. Carolyn suggested that we purchase 4 more prints to have in stock for the executive of the year and steward of the year awards. 


Motion # 3 Carolyn Hynes moved; Kim Keats seconded that the Regional Executive purchase 4 prints for the awards.  CARRIED.


Action: Christine to get contact information from Cathy. 

Action: Christine purchase four prints for Regional Executive awards. 


#26: Carolyn advised that Donna stated she sends the Cvent link that is on the website. Carolyn asked Donna if she can add it in the quick links section as well. It was also noted that there was no documents or details in Cvent for the executive training in November. Participants did not even have a copy of the agenda. Manny suggested to do an updated video. 

Action: Manny to create a short Cvent video.


#29: Christine noted this action item was from the strategic planning meeting in September. Manny and Scott also noted that our rules of parliamentary procedures need to be changed to state The American Parliamentary Procedures. Christine also questioned if our regional by-laws are gender neutral. The executive said it was not. Christine volunteered to look at making the Regional By-Laws gender neutral for ARC.

Action: Christine to work on making our regional by-laws gender neutral. 



  1. Calendar of Events

The executive had a discussion on the Christmas Social the night before. Christine noted that Donna will note in future invitations one guest and to provide their name when RSVPing. Manny reviewed the Calendar of Events.  Manny noted that the April 5th and 6th meetings conflict with IT Subgroup Presidents meeting which means that two of our executive, Vice-Chair and Secretary, are in conflict. Manny suggested moving to March 8-9 or March 22-23. Discussion ensued and it was decided to stay on April 5-6. It was also noted that the ARC is at the Rodd Charlottetown in May. Carolyn and Christine noted the issues that delegates will not be happy about, ie: mobility issues, ergo chairs, not enough parking, etc.  


Action:  Donna and Natasha to ensure the hotel has ergo chairs for delegates that need them as per their Cvent profile.


Manny noted he will do a zoom meeting after the ARC to pick the training committee and the executive positions. October 2024 has not been approved by finance yet. November 15-16 is extra training for the year. He also noted that the PIPSC National AGM is back to two days and is November 8-9 in Toronto. 


7Regional Director’s Report

Manny advised that his Director’s Report is on the Google Drive for review but provided a brief verbal report. He noted that the Executive Director is coming from the Arts Gallery and their start date has been pushed to the new year. It was noted that the Director of Finance has been contracted out for the time being. Manny stated that AFS and SP have ratified their collective agreements while IT voting ends today at noon eastern. Both of PIPSC Staff unions have agreed to their collective agreements and PIREC now has domestic violence added. Manny informed the executive that we were able to withdraw two of our resolutions at the national AGM as they were updated on the site. Manny noted that this was the first four-day convention and it will be back to a two day AGM next year. Reviews that have been from the Convention delegates are some thought it was good and some thought it was a waste of time. Next year is election year and there has been rumors of who will be running for the various national positions. Manny also advised the Regional Executive that he will not be reoffering for Atlantic Regional Director. He stated his time is coming to an end. The regional executive showed their disappointment, and everyone stated what an amazing job Manny has done in his tenure of regional director. 


Motion # 4 Manny Costain moved; Christine LeDrew seconded that the Regional Director’s Report be approved as presented. CARRIED.


8. Training Committee Chairperson’s Report

Carolyn Hynes, Chair of the Training Committee, went over her report submitted on the google drive. Carolyn noted that we hosted steward council and there was a lot of lessons learned. She noted that some things need improvement, and that the training committee will be reviewing the evaluations in January. It was noted that the session provided by Elissa and Simon was not appropriate for a bigger group of participants. Carolyn also noted that stewards from Halifax stated they do not like the dance aspect and suggested doing a games night instead. Carolyn thanked Yvonne and Jenn for performing the chair yoga and meditation sessions. She noted she spoke with Joanna at education regarding the indigenous openings and they will look at it more deeply. Carolyn thanked Christine and Gerald for co-facilitating the Constituent Body Executive Training Course in November. Some of the verbal feedback she received was that members did not like the pop-ed approach. Carolyn noted that we followed the course as it was provided and even, we did not like components of it. Carolyn has a lot of feedback from the facilitators to provide Education. Christine mentioned that the members liked the component about the rules of parliamentary procedures, but it needed to have more time with it, such as a mock AGM. Christine also noted that the participants were all engaged and had great involvement. Carolyn noted that a lot of people are still asking for the course again. All facilitators noted that the hotel is not very mobility friendly. Manny noted that the course went well, and the facilitators did a great job. 


Action: Donna to follow up with Rodd about mobility issues for ARC. 


  1. Regional VS National Training

Carolyn noted that education is looking at holding another Basic Steward Training virtually. It was noted that our region does not have many stewards in waiting right now. Some feedback Carolyn received on the virtual was that it was too long and missed some of the details. Do we want to participate in the virtual national session? Christine noted that people zoom out after so long on a virtual course. Carolyn noted they don’t get the networking aspect virtually either. Christine suggested that if someone wants to do it virtually then let them do the National, but we don’t need to perform a regional virtual course. 


  1. Executive & BST Course – Next date

Carolyn noted that the Constituent Body Executive Training will have to be discussed when to hold it again during the January training committee meeting. Do we have the budget to do another course? Can we add it to the training school or another date?


Motion # 5 Carolyn Hynes moved, and Tony Chubbs seconded the Training Committee Chairperson’s Report. CARRIED.


9. Financial Report


  1. ARE Financial Report

Gerald noted that documents are showing the income statement up to the end of November and it includes our allotment. This does not include the cheques that were signed today. It was also noted that we raised more money for our local charity fundraisers that usual. Gerald noted that 5 branches have asked for notebooks and 4 have submitted payments so far. Greenwood has not provided payment. Gerald also noticed additional expense for the Christmas Dinner with the Regional Staff this evening. 


Action: Jennifer to follow up with Greenwood about payment for notebooks. 


Motion # 6 Gerald Hill moved, and Scott McConaghy seconded the Financial Report. CARRIED.


  1. Options for Promotional Items

Gerald noted that there is a balance in our account. Gerald also did an estimate for next year on numbers of approximately 6300 members. Gerald noted that we must start purchasing the participant gifts for next year (Training School, ARC, and Steward Council). Christine suggested purchasing more gift cards for steward check-in, calendars, ARC Gift. 

Gerald suggested purchasing power banks for ARC gift. Gerald provided quotes and Christine provided quote from the IT group Power Bank. Discussion occurred on the different power banks and prices. 


Motion # 6 Gerald Hill motion to vote on which power bank to purchase, and Lori Rowe seconded. CARRIED.


                         A vote occurred with Gerald’s suggestion being the winner. 


Motion # 7 Gerald Hill moved, and Yvonne O’Keefe seconded the purchase of power banks for ARC participant’s gift. CARRIED.


Motion # 8 Christine LeDrew moved, and Mike Pauley seconded the purchase of ten $100 gift cards for steward check-ins. CARRIED.


Motion # 9 Carolyn Hynes moved, and Kim Keats seconded the purchase of 4 pictures for Steward of the Year and Executive of the Year awards gifts. CARRIED.


Discussion occurred on participants gifts for Training School. Some ideas were luggage tags, sling bags, wine glasses with etched logo, coffee mugs, and reusable cutlery. 


Motion # 10 Gerald Hill moved, and Christine LeDrew seconded the purchase of 150 black coffee mugs with white logo for all training courses. CARRIED.


          Discussion occurred on purchasing calendars for the regional membership. It was noted that members love these, and they are a great visibility item. Lori suggested to ensure the new version does not have any mistakes. Christine questioned how many we would need? Manny noted operations made the decision not to print the calendars and will bring it up at the board meeting. Kim noted that Better Together said that they have funding to purchase calendars. It was decided that the regional executive would leave the printed calendars to the local constituent bodies as it would be hard to get ones shipped to all members.  Jennifer suggested to purchase stickers and Christine suggested luggage tags. Discussion occurred on both items. 


Motion # 11 Jennifer Cantwell moved, and Scott McConaghy seconded the purchase of $500 worth of stickers. 2 rolls at 1000 each. CARRIED.


Motion # 12 Christine LeDrew moved, and Lori Rowe seconded the purchase of $2000 worth of luggage tags. CARRIED.


Action: Gerald to purchase power banks for ARC gift. 

Action: Manny to purchase 10 $100 gift cards for steward check-ins. 

Action: Christine to purchase 4 prints for award gifts. 

Action: Gerald to purchase 150 black coffee mugs for training events. 

Action: Manny bring up the calendars at the board.

Action: Gerald to purchase stickers.

Action: Christine to purchase luggage tags. 


  1. Options for Promotional Items

Gerald noted that he received prices for Ledwell for ARC for approximately $3500 plus taxes. He noted that the Teacher Convention had him as a speaker and he was fantastic. Gerald suggested having him as the Friday night event. Carolyn noted it might not give much networking for the people that are up for election. Discussion ensued to have him Friday afternoon as the Guest Speaker or Friday evening. Ideas that were raised for Friday night were: Bingo, Karaoke, Bowling, Pool, Casino Night, 80s/90s Themed Night. Lori noted that in Saint John the Lions Club will come in and run the Casino. 


Motion # 13 Gerald Hill moved, and Carolyn Hynes seconded to book Ledwell for Friday afternoon from 2:45-4pm. CARRIED.


Action: Gerald to investigate Lions club hosting our casino night Friday night. 

Action: Gerald to book Ledwell for Friday afternoon from 2:45-4pm.


  1. Regional Council 2024 Participants Gift

This discussion occurred in previous topic. Purchasing power banks as participants gift. 


  1. Committees of the Board Reports
    1. Finance Committee Report
    2. BLPC Committee Report
    3. TEAM Committee Report
    4. SAC Committee Report

The regional executive reviewed the reports on the google drive. Gerald noted the finance report did not have major details. Christine noted that sometimes some of the financial information cannot be shared as it’s confidential. Carolyn noted that at TEAM QC seems to not be very engaged as they are deeply involved in FTQ. Manny did state he brought forward the peer-to-peer training and the board of directors were not in favor. It was noted to be ad-hoc as needed not specifically scheduled for two times a year. Carolyn stated that mentorship program is a priority for 2024. A question was asked about how members can access CLC Training courses, there is a process for approval and selection. Kim noted that SAC met on October 23 and November 13 and mentioned that not many people were in physical attendance because they were scheduled with short notice. She noted that members are becoming disengaged because of the lack of progress on items, and it seems to be the same discussion every meeting. Kim mentioned that there is a lot of things that the SAC could be doing more of and that most PIPSC members do not know what type of work our science members perform. 


Motion # 14 Manny Costain moved, and Gerald Hill seconded that the Committees of the Board reports be moved as presented.  CARRIED.


11. New Business

a) PIPSC AGM Review

Manny noted that the first 4-day convention has been completed. Scott mentioned the email he had sent to the board of directors regarding the AGM. He noted that it did not turn out how they wanted. Scott also mentioned about the resolution for committees of the board to be 4 in person meetings and as many zoom meetings as can fit in the budget. He also stated that it would be nice if people had gotten up and spoke when they were passionate about a resolution. Kim noted that the lack of time spent on debating the resolutions was disrespectful to our membership. It was also noted that the Chair seemed to be too lenient and should have been more strict. Carolyn mentioned that she was not a fan of the voting devices as it allowed your neighbours to see what you voted. Lori stated that the voting devices worked better than DOTS. Carolyn also noted that she felt intimidated to get up and speak on resolutions this year, that it was not a comfortable environment with all the arguments, disrespect and yelling. 


b) Candidates for BoD Committee Selection

Manny provided an explanation of the committees and noted that we put forward a recommendation. They may not be the actual regional member on the committee as the final say is from the chair of that committee. The executive had a fulsome discussion on all committees and the applicants. The final recommendations are:

  • BLPC: (It was noted that Scott left the room to allow the executive to discuss the selection) 

Scott McConaghy, alternate: Joe Rossiter (make a friend if not alternate)

  • Election Appeals: Christopher Titus, alternate: Nicholas Isenor
  • Finance: Cathy Hebert, alternate: Gerald Hill
  • ITSP: James Vey, alternate: Nicholas Isenor
  • HRDC: Gregory Hues, alternate: Niraj Nitheanandan
  • PRQC: Mark Bellefleur, alternate: Kelly MacKinnon
  • SAC: Lawrence Mak, alternate: Ho Yin (Stanley) Poon


c) Steward Renewal Review 

Manny explained the process of the renewal of stewardship. He noted that Member Services did not have the list prepared for our meeting. It was questioned do we postpone to the next meeting? Unfortunately, the stewardships expire December 31. Manny stated that when he gets the list, we can either do a zoom meeting or correspond via email regarding the steward renewals.  


d) AYPC Stand Alone Meeting 2024

Christine stated that the AYPC met for the first time with the new 4 members during the Friday morning of Steward Council. The committee discussed why our stand-alone meeting was always in February time frame in Halifax. Christine stated it was because of the time of our other meetings and Halifax is easiest location in winter months. The committee discussed moving the stand alone to another city and Moncton was what was decided for July 12-13, 2024, with hosting a family event Saturday afternoon. The meeting would be Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. The committee decided to host the event at the Moncton Zoo from 2-4 with a goodie bag of snacks and drinks for members. 


Motion # 15 Christine LeDrew moved, and Lori Rowe seconded that the AYPC stand alone be held in Moncton with a member event at the Zoo.  CARRIED.


Action: Christine to reach out to Donna for booking AYPC meeting.  


e) Adapting Award Nomination Process

Jennifer Cantwell requested this item be BF’d to the January meeting.  


Action: Donna to add Adapting Award Nomination Process to January agenda.  


12. Round Table

Tony stated he was sorry for being delayed because Air Canada changed his flight. 


Yvonne noted that it didn’t seem right that the Board of Directors were on the executive club floors at the AGM. Manny noted that the President and VPs as per policy can fly business class and that the board of directors, they were to be given signature executive floor. Manny stated he did not want that and that members should be humble when in these positions. 


Scott noted that he was in a state of shock that Manny is not reoffering for Atlantic Regional Director. He also stated that he does understand why and he respected his time and effort while in the position. 


Michael stated that there is one main ingredient to being Regional Director, being a good person, and you have it Manny. 


Carolyn mentioned how more relaxed Manny seems and that he is back to his happy self. 


Kim noted that she was also disappointed with Manny leaving as Regional Director when his term is complete. Great Job Manny. 


Lori was very disappointed with Manny announcement. 


Christine mentioned how the regional executive just will not be the same without Manny there. 


Manny thanked everyone for their kind words and the Christmas gift. He also stated there will be no change for a year. He wished everyone a happy holidays and wonderful new year. 


Motion # 16 Manny Costain moved, and Tony Chubbs seconded that the meeting be adjourned. CARRIED


The meeting was adjourned at 5:02pm.