The Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada

Atlantic Regional Training Committee Meeting Minutes

Suite 521, Delta Halifax, Halifax, NS – December 1, 2017

CHAIRPERSON: Carolyn Hynes

COMMITTEE:  Cathy Hebert

Mike Pauley

Kim Skanes

Phil Wilson     

REGRETS: Manny Costain

STAFF: Catherine Pinks – Recording Secretary

Carolyn called the meeting of the Atlantic Regional Training Committee to order at 1:00 pm.

I.          Approval of Agenda

The following items were added to the agenda:  III b). Regional Training School

Motion #1                   Cathy moved and Mike seconded that the Agenda be approved as amended.


II.       a.  Approval of Minutes of October 14, 2017

Motion #2 Phil moved and Cathy seconded that the minutes of October 14, 2017, be approved as presented.


b.  Action Items

Carolyn led the committee through a review of the action items.

Action Items

Generated by the Atlantic Regional Training Committee

from the October 14, 2017, meeting at 1718 Argyle St., Halifax



Item/Completion Deadline





Request that Steward Applications and renewals go to the respective Sub Group Presidents.





Create a listing of unionized properties in Halifax with appropriate space for a Training School and regular Training.





Speak with Paul regarding the issues identified at the school.





Inquire who is cc’d on the Steward Renewal emails.





BF report on new stewards and stewards struck off strength for Executive meetings.





Ask Max to review the OSH Cheat Sheet in time for distribution at the November NB OHS course.





Standardize the deck and add in the Exercise entitled Where Do I Fit to the Basic.




Under Item 2 Catherine reported that the property review is ongoing.  She noted she did do a site inspection at the newly renovated Delta Dartmouth – formerly the Ramada.  The property is completely updated and has suitable space for Steward Training, Executive Meetings and our ARC.

Under Item 3 Kim reported that she spoke with Paul and they have agreed that for the upcoming school the final number per class will be 22 noting that the policy does say 20 participants.

III.     Calendar of Events

Carolyn tabled the calendar of events indicating there were no changes.

  1. Training Dates and Locations for 2019

The following dates and locations were identified for Catherine to solicit proposals/contracts.

February 21-23, 2019 Basic Steward Training Delta Dartmouth

April 11-13, 2019 Regional Training School Old Orchard Inn

September 26-28, 2019 Basic Steward Training Charlottetown or St. John’s

For the November extra session, it was decided that the Delta Dartmouth would be the preferred property, however we will hold off on making a booking until we see how much of the budget is left following our February and September sessions in 2019.

ACTION:  Catherine make the following bookings:

February 21-23 Dartmouth

April 11-13 Old Orchard

September 26-28 PEI/NL

November Dartmouth – Don’t book – just hold.

IV.  Training Committee Chairpersons Report

Carolyn tabled her report contained in the meeting package.

Motion #3  Carolyn moved and Mike seconded that the Training Committee Chairperson’s report be approved as presented.


V.  Lunch and Learns

Kim reported that at the TEC meeting on Monday the regions will be asked to identify three Stewards who are to receive training to deliver Pension Sessions.  They will receive a Train the Trainer Session in Ottawa on the three courses with our Pension and Benefits specialists.

Carolyn indicated that to date she has received 6 requests for events and they have been completed.  She has received 3 additional requests that are on hold and two for events in December.

VI.  Atlantic Steward Activity Report

Carolyn tabled the Steward Report which listed new stewards, stewards in waiting and stewards struck off strength during the reporting period.

VII.  Steward Training

  1. November NB OSH Compiled Evaluations:  The committee reviewed the OSH evaluations noting that overall the course was extremely well received.
  2. PIPSC and You Deck and PIPSC Structure Decks

The committee reviewed the decks making modifications.

ACTION:   Catherine make indicated changes to PIPSC and You and send out to Training Committee for final review.

VII.  Steward Council

  1.  Post Council Review:  The compiled Steward Council evaluations were reviewed, and various comments and suggestions discussed. The comments will be taken into consideration when planning the 2018 agenda.

ACTION:  Catherine add UFLB explanation to the Steward Council New Steward Breakout agenda.

  1. Awards Banquet and Hospitality Event:  Following discussion it was decided to hold the Friday evening Awards Banquet with a MC and dinner music – Harry Bentham if available.  For the Saturday evening we will continue with the Halloween Themed networking event with Glen Bob and the Boot.

ACTION:  Catherine ensure that Kim Skanes is down as one of the convenors on the Saturday evening hospitality.

ACTION:  Catherine review the allowed beverage selections on the host bar for the Saturday evening hospitality event.

  1. Themes for Steward Council:  The committee began the process of selecting a theme and topics for the 2018 Steward Council.  Suggested topics were Work Life Balance and Duty to Accommodate which could be presented by PIPSC Staff. 

ACTION:  Catherine BF Steward Council themes for the January meeting.

ACTION:  Training Committee think about themes for the 2018 Steward Council for discussion at the January meeting.

VIII. Regional Training School

Kim reported that there is a Board meeting booked that conflicts with her participation at the school.  It was decided to see if the staff and venue could accommodate moving the school ahead to the following weekend – April 19-21, 2017.

  1. Draft Agenda:  The Agenda was reviewed noting that we will move back to holding the two-day session first and the one day on the Saturday.
  2. Module Selections:  A listing of the modules presented at previous schools along with the modules available for presentation were reviewed.  It was decided to go with Bullying and Harassment as the one-day session and Valuing Human Rights and Diversity as the two-day session.
  3. Hospitality Event:  The committee decided to book the Saunders Brothers if they are available.

ACTION:  Catherine check with staff and Oak Island about the possibility of changing the dates to the following weekend – April 19-21, 2018.

ACTION:  Catherine book the Saunders Brothers for the Friday evening event at the Training School.

ACTION:  Catherine source a local charity to receive the donation from our School fundraiser.

ACTION:  Carolyn purchase headphones for raffle at the School.

IX.  Atlantic Regional Council

The Training Committee turned their attention to topics for the Friday afternoon training component of the 2018 Steward Council being held in Moncton. After a number of ideas:  Establishing Links with Other Labour Organizations; Mobilization and Lobbying it was decided to go with a session on making your meetings work.  Following an introductory presentation which will include relevant parliamentary procedures delegates broken off into small groups will receive a prepared agenda and conduct a mini group meeting where cards with various situations to potentially sidetrack the meeting will be distributed.  This will be BF’d for further refining at the January meeting.

ACTION:  BF topic Making Your Meetings Work for January meeting.

ACTION:  Catherine get quote on 100 copies of PIPSCs code of Parliamentary procedure.

X.  New Business

  1.  Cheat Sheets:  The committee would like to have the sheets translated and posted on the Atlantic Region’s web page.
  2. Training Budgets 2019:  As the Training Budgets are due at the TEC committee on January 18, Phil presented draft copies for review.  The daily meal and incidental amounts need to be update and once Catherine receives the booking contracts the accommodations and meeting space amounts can be added in.
  3. Separate Employer Training Needs Assessments:  Kim asked Mike to let Carolyn know if there is any training required by the NB Groups. Mike mentioned OSH, DTA and Violence in the Workplace.

ACTION: Mike consult the NB Group and come up with a list of training needs for the NB Groups for Carolyn.

ACTION:  Catherine remind Phil to send Carolyn the Training Budgets.

 IX.  Round Table/Adjournment

Following a round table, the meeting was adjourned at 4:30 pm.

NOTE:  Should you wish to view copies of reports presented at this meeting, please direct your request to