Minutes of Annual General Meeting


THE professional institute of the public service of canada

17 NOVEMBER 2021, 12:00 P.m.



In attendance: M. Barrett, L. Cooper, S. Leadbeater, R. Martin, C. Mussells, R. Singh, R. Stephenson, I. Andrushchenko, D. Busawon, S. Boyne-Travis, M. Finley, M. Greenlaw, T. Minch, C, O’Laughlin, B. Quinn, C. Regnier-McKellar (virtual), S. Robinson, B. Reinhart, T. Small, A. Debertin, C. Harvey.

The meeting was called to order at 12:25.

  1. Additions to agenda.

Raffle for gift card for members who voted in PIPSC national elections added under “Other business.”

  1. Approval of the Minutes of last AGM (21 November 2019).

Motion to approve minutes of last AGM: L. Cooper

Seconded: R. Martin

Vote: approved unanimously.

  1. Treasurer’s report (R. Singh).

A report was presented covering the two-year period since the last AGM.

It was noted that events could not occur in 2020 due to restrictions on gatherings due to the COVID-19 pandemic; however, the Executive did meet virtually to review the Finances on 20 November 2020.

Motion to Approve Treasurer’s Report: M. Finley

Seconded: M. Barrett

Vote: approved unanimously.

  1. Nominations and elections for Executive

The 2-year terms for the President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary were open for nominations.

R. Martin was nominated for President by R. Singh and seconded by S. Leadbeater. There was no other nomination and as a result R. Martin was elected by acclamation.

B. Reinhart was nominated for Vice President by R. Singh and seconded by T. Small. There was no other nomination and as a result B. Reinhart was elected by acclamation.

R. Singh was nominated for Treasurer by M. Barrett and seconded by A. Debertin. There was no other nomination and as a result R. Singh was elected by acclamation.

A. Debertin was nominated for Secretary by S. Leadbeater and seconded by M. Finley. There was no other nomination and as a result A. Debertin was elected by acclamation.

  1. President’s report (S. Leadbeater for D. MacDonald)

S. Leadbeater gave a brief update for the Branch in the absence of the out-going President, D. MacDonald.

  • S. Leadbeater discussed events that occurred last year within PIPSC.
  • PIPSC national meetings were held virtually.
    • The main discussion at meetings was accommodations due to COVID.
    • Increased numbers attending national meetings was approved.
  • The Branch needs to think about ways to engage members from outside St. Andrews and the Executive will be considering ways to do so.
  1. Introduction of stewards

Presently here are two stewards in our Branch (S. Leadbeater and R. Martin). Members were encouraged to take the training if they were interested because we would like to have more than two stewards. PIPSC will cover any expenses related to travel for training.

  1. Future events

Discussion took place on possible future events. Given the current pandemic restrictions events may have to take place off site; however, the Branch will review conditions and plan accordingly.

  • Branch is looking for ideas and ways to promote PIPSC within the membership and community.
  • Members were encouraged to come up with ways that both Branch and SP could use their annual budget allocations to best serve the membership. 
  • Some ideas like Lunch and Learns, hosted coffee breaks, etc… were suggested for consideration.
  • Another possible topic for a Lunch and Learn is “How to appropriately apply leave codes for various absences – Dental and Health Leave, Parental Leave, Sick Leave, etc”. A union or labour relations representative would be an appropriate presenter to lead discussions.
  • Given the number of new staff within the Branch, other Lunch and Learn topics would be valuable including “An Introduction to PIPSC.”
  1. Other business

Raffle for gift card for members who voted in PIPSC national elections

A raffle was held for the $25 gift card for those who voted in the PIPCS national elections.

  • S. Boyne-Travis was declared the winner after her name was pulled from among those who indicated that they had voted.
  1. Adjournment at 12:50.

Motion to Adjourn: L. Cooper

Seconded: T. Minch