PEI Branch AGM Minutes 2022 


Thursday, September 15, 2022


Call to Order  

Craig Bradley called the meeting to order. 

Introducing the PIPSC National Board members. 

Board members absent - Justin Murphy 


Approval of Agenda 

Agenda was approved. Moved by Kathy McLellan, 2nd by Craig MacEwen. All approved.  


Approval of Previous Minutes 

Approved by Doreen Weatherby and seconded by Gerald Hill. All approved.  Correct date on top, approved by Andrew Cudmore and Lisa Richard second.  


Business arising from previous minutes 

Food bank donations: 

Summerside and Charlottetown food banks each received a $1000 donation from the PEI PIPSC Branch.  


Annual Financial Report 

Gerald Hill presented the PEI Branch Financial Report for 2022.  

Member engagement is very big for our budgeting ideas this year. We plan many activities including: Shining Waters Family fun day in August.  

Movie night during the winter.  

Promo Items to be purchased.  

AGM budget was increased this year due to inflation and costs.  

We started with $11,000 and have finished the year with $7,940. We did not spend a lot in 2021.  To date PIPSC has donated $22,325 country wide to charities.  

Request to change 2021 to 2022 in last year's agenda. 

We are working on a Christmas party.  

Financial report presented and approved by Gerald Hill and second by Chris Gilfoy.  1. Approve the 2020 Financials 

2. Approve the 2021 Budget 

3. Approve the 2022 Budget 


Presidents report 

Craig Bradley presented his report.  

Member engagement is our focus.  

How do we do this better? 

Virtual engagement via video conferencing has been a way to reach out to members. We know this   2022 AGM Page 1 

Virtual engagement via video conferencing has been a way to reach out to members. We know this  works but the face to face engagement is important.  


Guest Speaker - Regional Director Emmanuel Costain (Manny) 

For this we have new events coming as stated. 

More information will be coming on hybrid working as well, from each department as Treasury Board  has not made a GoC mandate on this.  

The president thanks everyone for joining the AGM and it is great to see members again. Motion to pass the Presidents report moved by Kathy M, 2nd by Andrew C. All approved. 



We have , 5 2-yr positions. 


Jeff Gallant 

Lisa Richard 

Kathy McLellan 

Carl Morgan 

Chris Gilfoy 

As we had only enough nominations for positions there was no vote. All are acclaimed. 



Good evening I am Manny Costain and I am your Regional Director. I take great responsibility and  privilege in representing you at the Board of Directors. It is always good to be home at my own Branch  AGM. I have been a steward since 2005 and have served on the PEI Branch Executive, the Atlantic  Regional Executive and the AFS Group Executive and Bargaining Team.  

We are fortunate at the PEI Branch that we have several leaders in PIPSC that are from this branch. In  addition to myself Chris Roach, the Advisory Council Director, Craig Bradley, the Chair of the Advisory  Council and Doreen Weatherbie, Vice-Chair of the Advisory Council are all members of the PEI Branch.  They bring a lot a value and expertise to the Institute and I am fortunate to work with them on a daily  basis. 

Some of the things I am doing in the Atlantic Region along with some interesting points…. 


Reports to the Branch Presidents and Regional Executive

After every Board meeting I provide the Branch Presidents and the Regional Executive a report of  meeting. This keeps them informed of what is going on and helps to keep them and the membership  engaged.  


Steward check ins 

I have been hosting steward check ins every two months. This provides stewards an opportunity to  discuss issues of concern and provides an opportunity to network and check in on each other. It also  provides an opportunity to check in on stewards mental health to see if they are making out ok. The next check in is scheduled for next Tuesday September 20th


Branch President Check ins 

I am also hosting a check in with the Branch Presidents of the Atlantic Region every quarter to discuss 2022 AGM Page 2 

I am also hosting a check in with the Branch Presidents of the Atlantic Region every quarter to discuss  their issues and concerns. We have also met once in person at the Atlantic Regional Council in May.  


NB Pension Challenge 

Both Vice-President Henshaw and myself have been involved in supporting the pension challenge in New  Brunswick. In 2014 the province changed the pension plan for its provincial employees from a defined  benefit plan like in the federal public sector to a shared risk pension. As the pension is now based on the  employees entire career versus their best 5 years many members have lost money since this plan came  into force. We must support our provincial members in this fight as the possibility exists that a similar  change could be attempted on the federal public service employee plan. 


AYPC selected 

A call of interest went out over the summer for those interested in joining the Atlantic Young  Professionals Committee. The committee is open to members 40 years of age and under. A committee  of 8 members were selected with 2 from each of the Atlantic provinces. The representatives for PEI at  Kathy McLellan and Craig MacEwen. The first meeting of the newly selected Atlantic Young  Professionals Committee will be in Halifax on October 21st


The mandate of the Atlantic Young Professionals Committee is provide advice to the regional executive  on matters related to young professionals. Increase confidence, skills and knowledge regarding the  union to young professionals and to mobilize them to play a role in building the union for the future. Guest Speaker - PIPSC President Jennifer Carr 


PIPSC Legacy Foundation Scholarships 

The PIPSC Legacy Foundation was founded in 1999 with an endowment from PIPSC members to form a  scholarship fund. Since then, corporate sponsors and the PIPSC community have contributed funding for  additional scholarships. 

The Legacy Foundation offers scholarships to children and grandchildren of regular or retired PIPSC  members. We also sponsor scholarships through the BGC.  

Applicants must be entering the first year of post secondary education in a full time program. The  applicants are reviewed by a selection committee who determines who may receive one of the 35  scholarships awarded nationally. This year, three scholarships were awarded to students of members in  the Atlantic Region. The deadline for 2023 applications is June 30, 2023 and there will be a  communication go out to members as a reminder.  


Atlantic Steward Council 

The Atlantic Steward Council is scheduled for October 21st and 22nd in Halifax. All stewards in the  Atlantic Region are eligible to attend. Stewards in waiting (those who have not yet completed their basic steward training may also attend one steward council before becoming a steward). The theme this year  will be the “workplace of the future”. 

We thank Manny for joining us.  

Return to office is a work in progress. TBS has decided to allow each department to make their own  rules regarding RTO. 60% of employees wish to work from home or hybrid. Many members are still  nervous to return to the office.  

Reminder that "quiet quitting" is doing your job without going above and beyond or working extra hours without asking for overtime.  

Performance issues should not be managed by forcing people into the office, that is an HR issue and 2022 AGM Page 3 

Performance issues should not be managed by forcing people into the office, that is an HR issue and  should not interfere with those who want to work from home.  

Also it is the Privy council that would like everyone back into the office, not TBS.  Many questions were asked to the full board, I will try to add a truncated version to most here: 


1) Q - As far as salary goals, in negotiations, that's the only issue that our members are talking about, it's solid. We've never been in this position to fight the game to get this kind of salary increase. If  we don't get it now, we will never get and I will lose faith in the union. If everybody is pushing TBS  for 10%, they can't back down when the whole government would shut down on them. We have  to stand united on this one.  

A - You can't lose with faith in the union, because we're not giving you money. You have to look  at TBS, they are the ones that know there's an issue. I understand but the problem is not on us.  Discussions continued on this topic.  

2) Q - Privy council, you work with the PV, politically? 

A - Not too much, contracting out, RTO, front line workers. Contracting out continued as it opens  discussions with all of GoC, both regarding the timelines, bilingualism, commutes, funding, skill  sets/training, etc.  

Discussions continued on this topic.  

3) Q - Geography is an issue in keeping or recruiting people. Many jobs are NCR specific or need to  be in a head office/regional office. Even with members serving the PIPSC boards.  A - They are aware of these issues as well. Is geography the best way to do (hiring). Travel can be  approved.  

Discussions continued on this topic.  

4) Q - Contractors, maybe going after TBS is not the option, maybe offering to bridge in contractors  would work better.  

5) A - A movement is being worked on for this. Ontario already has a rule in place that they roll over  after a period of time. Not just for IT but nurses and other jobs too.  

Discussions continued on this topic.  

6) Q - What is the timeline on a consultant when they're working on one project? A - There is no limit on this.  

7) Q - RTO is a fear of members, members are scared physically on the unknown of RTO. Some 1  day a week, some more, some less. The members want to know how this will affect me.  8) 

A - The employer can tell you where to work from, it is a management right. Unless the collective  agreement gets wording on this, they will have the right to implement any directives. This is  where member engagement comes into play. They are hoping to have a town hall to advise  members on this issue. 

Discussions continued on this topic.  

9) Q - Phoenix issues? 

10) A - Please reach out to Phoenix help, get involved, file PARs.  


New Business 

No new business.  

Doreen motioned to adjourn as well.  

We did lose quorum before the Q&A ended so meeting was adjourned.