Meeting of DND-Halifax Branch June 23, 2021

Attendance: Everett Scott, President; Jenn Cantwell, Vice-President; Kevin Jack, Treasurer; Don Eldershaw, Joe Rossiter, Joe Williams and Mounah Zrein.

Consultation Issues.  Everett spoke to consultation issues: New leave code ‘698’ has been added to deal with leave for medical/dental appointments and for vaccinations, and whether this code could be used for the COVID-19 Rapid testing which is available at the Dockyard, Windsor Park, Shearwater.  Everett asked Jenn about how vaccinations were proceeding for the SH members at the hospital. Kevin mentioned some issues around Naval Fleet School (Atlantic) WOHSE committee and the repercussions of recent complaints made to Labour Canada. Jenn mentioned how the hospital’s JOHSE committee has collapsed.

Kevin spoke to the finances of the branch.

It was agreed that we would try to hold an in person Annual General Meeting in the Fall. Jenn suggested October 21st for a branch AGM. We would hold another branch meeting in September.

It was mentioned that all the members of the branch executive would be up for election. Everett mentioned that he would not be reoffering for President at the AGM. He volunteered to help Jenn, our glorious Vice-President, to get ready for the role of President.

Mounah will get Paul Smith’s address so that the gift card we purchased with our own personal funds could be dropped off.

Kevin mentioned with Everett stepping down from the position of President we will need another person to sign cheques.

Jenn suggested, in preparation for our next meeting, that we consider an in person and a Zoom AGM. Consider who the members might want to hear speak and where we might want to meet.  Jenn and Everett suggested we hold the in person AGM at the new Lion’s Head. 

Don Eldershaw asked Everett to ask PIPSC for an updated membership list. Joe Rossiter mentioned that they had a new hire in their office.

It was agreed that our next meeting, an in person meeting would be 4:30pm – 6:30pm Thursday September 9th, 2021 at the new Lion’s Head so long as Everett can confirm they have a suitable room. It was thought our AGM would kickoff at 5pm.

The meeting was adjourned at 2009hrs.