Minutes and Actions of the Meeting – (started at 4:55 PM)

Date: Nov 21st, 2018

Location: Chabba Thai restaurant, Halifax, N.S.

1. Welcome & Introductions

The president of the branch (Everett Scott) began by calling the meeting to order and thanking everyone for coming to the meeting. Copies of the agenda, financial report and last year’s minutes were provided to the members.

Everett then introduced special guest speaker — Manny Costain; Atlantic Regional Council Executive. He then asked the members of the branch executive to introduce themselves.

Jenn Cantwell, Vice – President then mentioned that Mounah Zrein would be stepping down as treasurer so there will be an additional executive position up for election.

2. Last Year’s AGM Minutes

A copy of last year’s minutes was provided to each member and Everett asked if anyone had any corrections or additions to the minutes. With no objections, Christine Dugal motioned to accept the minutes and Mike McKearney seconded the motion and with no objections, last year’s minutes were accepted as presented.

3. Executive Committee Reports

Everett started by going over the branch president’s report. He summarized the previous year’s activities of the branch, commenting that it was a busy year, especially since the AGM was delayed. He mentioned the branch executive meetings and LMRC consultation issues (paid parking, Phoenix, Cannabis policy, and pensions). He also mentioned lunch and learns, bargaining and social events.

Kevin Jack then mentioned the Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) events student initiative that the branch will be supporting, starting this weekend.

4. Presentation/Approval of Branch Financial Statement & Budget

Mounah Zrein gave a summary of the branch 2018 budget. During the report he briefly went over the revenues and expenses.

With no questions, Mike MacIsaac motioned to approve the 2018 budget, George Turner seconded the motion and with no objections, it was accepted as presented.

5. Guest Speaker Presentation

Everett then introduced guest speaker Manny Costain, Atlantic Regional Council Vice - Chair. He talked for about 30 minutes and spent the majority of his talk going over some of the resolutions submitted by the Atlantic region at the PIPSC AGM. He also touched on the new Employee Wellness Support Program, collective bargaining, Phoenix and the addition of up to 1400 new members from the RCMP.

Manny was asked to give his opinion about some of the candidates in the recent PIPSC election and how he would try to combat member apathy when it comes to union activities

6. Motions from Members

Everett asked if there were any new motions that members would wanted to discuss. No new motions were suggested.

7. Branch Executive Nominations and Vote

The positions of president, treasurer and members at large (seven) were all

Jenn Cantwell asked if anyone was interested in being nominated for president. Everett was asked if he was interested and he said yes. With no other nominations, Everett was elected by acclamation.

Jenn asked if anyone was interested in being nominated for treasurer. Kevin Jack was asked if he was interested and he said yes. With no other nominations, Kevin was elected by acclamation for a 1 year term.

Jenn asked if anyone was interested in being nominated to be a member at large. With seven candidates nominated for seven positions, no vote was required.

As a result the members at large are: Don Eldershaw, Mike MacIsaac, Mounah Zrein, George Turner, Christine Dugal, Joe Rossiter and Eric Thornhill (all one year).

The rest of the branch executive is now:
President: Everett Scott
Vice-President: Jennifer Cantwell
Treasurer: Kevin Jack
Secretary: Paul Smith

8. Questions and Answers

Everett asked if there were any further questions. A short discussion ensued about managers seemingly using non-advertised staffing more frequently to staff vacancies. Everett mentioned that unions do not have a lot of leverage to question this as it is a legal means to staff positions.

Jenn then handed out door prizes and Everett asked for a motion to adjourn the meeting.

Everett asked the new executive to stay a little longer to discuss the next executive meeting to be held on Dec 6, location TBD.

Meeting ended at 6:55 PM.

E. Scott


P. Smith