Atlantic Young Professionals Committee Meeting Minutes - May 24-25, 2018

Atlantic Young Professional Committee Meeting Minutes
Delta Beausejour, Moncton NB, May 24-25th 2018

CHAIRPERSON:    Allyson Garrison
COMMITTEE:    Leslie Nasmith (Secretary)
    Christine Newhook
    Colin O’Brien
    Marcus Peck
REGRETS:    Nick Isenor
    Josh Fox
    Marcus Peck (May 25 only)
OTHER:    Sean O’Reilly (May 25 only)

1. Welcome and Opening Comments

Allyson Garrison (acting Chair) called the meeting to order.

2. Approval of Agenda

The agenda was reviewed.

Motion #1 Colin O’Brien moved and Christine Newhook seconded the agenda be approved CARRIED

3. Approval of Meeting Minutes from October 2017

The meeting minutes from meeting of March 16-17th 2018 were tabled for approval. Minor edits were made.

Motion #2  Leslie Nasmith moved and Christine seconded the meeting minutes be approved.   CARRIED   

ACTION: Leslie – send approved minutes to Catherine Pinks for posting; DONE

4. Young Professional Atlantic Member Survey Results and Lessons Learned Discussion

A.    Lessons Learned

Committee members discussed the experience of working with PIPSC National Office to get the survey sent to members. The low priority of a regional young professional committee meant constant follow up was needed to get traction on this survey. Some members were concerned about changes made to the survey that were not communicated to the Committee nor approved by the Committee before the survey was sent out to members. It was suggest that our tight timelines with this survey did not allow for this and that in the future, more lead time would enable the Committee more time to communicate with PIPSC National Office.  It would also be useful to know for future surveys if PIPSC has standard or requirements that need to be followed.

The Committee felt what they learned from the process would be beneficial to other young professional committees.  It was decided that a brief document would be created that would detail the contacts used and steps taken to get the survey out, so that there would have something to share with other committees.
ACTION: Christine – Follow up with PIPSC about the changed questions, and what the PIPSC process is for survey approval
ACTION: Christine – Write up brief document describing the contacts used and steps to getting the survey out to members  

B.    Survey Results

The Committee went through the results of the survey by question. The response rate (~20%, based on 2017 demographic information) was thought to be good. The exact response rate is unknown as we don’t know the number of members it was sent to. It was agreed that demographic information would add a lot of context to the survey results. The results discussed at the meeting will be put together into a report that will summarize the results and can be easily shared.  The Committee came up with some recommendations to include in the report based on the survey results.

ACTION: Leslie – Request demographic information
ACTION: Leslie – Can Stewards get new member lists for their work sites?
ACTION: Leslie – write report on survey results

C.    Drawing Prizes for Survey Winners
The Committee had offered a prize to increase response rates for the survey; the prize was one Chapters gift card per Atlantic Regional province. Cathy Hebert (liaison to the Regional Executive) was present at the draw. From the original data, a spreadsheet was created of Respondent ID (a unique number generated by the survey software) and Province, neither of which provided identifying information. The respondent IDs within a province were numbered starting at 1, and a random number generator was used to select the winning number. The corresponding Respondent ID was then checked against the original data for the winner’s name. The winners will be contacted by email and a gift card will be sent to them. The winners were:

New Brunswick:    Emily Cormier
Newfoundland and Labrador    David Neil
Prince Edward Island    Johanna Egan
Nova Scotia    Evan Biggs
ACTION: Leslie – contact winners and get mailing addresses; DONE
ACTION: Christine – mail out gift cards to winners

5. 2018 ARC Outreach Event    
The Committee discussed the networking event that was to occur that evening.

A.    Event Post-mortem (May 26th)

Three young members from the Moncton Branch attended the Outreach event at the hotel on the evening of May 25th. In addition to the young members, several Regional Executive members were present, as well as the President Debi Daviau. The turnout was small, but it gave Committee members a chance to talk to each attendee. The attendees were happy they had a chance to meet the President. The young members all had different roles and came from different Departments, but they had similar issues. What they said echoed the results of the survey, especially with respect to communication issues and challenges of being a new member.  

6. 2018 Steward Council Event
The Committee discussed the event to be held in Halifax before Steward Council on Thursday October 18th.  A site visit had been conducted at the Boardroom Game Cafe by Catherine Pinks in the Halifax Office. The Committee agreed the Game Cafe was the best location, but a cost comparison should be done with the pool hall to compare.  

ACTION: Allyson – Price out pool hall and call Game Cafe for more price details
ACTION: Allyson- when location is determined, write and submit ‘Save the Date’ to be sent to young members; send follow up closer to event

7. General Round Table

Marcus Peck mentioned that he had included AYPC in Branch pool event, as a co-host of the event.

8. New Business

A.    Next Meeting
The next meeting will be Thursday October 18th (~noon to 3 or 4pm) and Friday October 19th (morning) in Halifax. The Chair for that meeting will be Nick Isenor. The half day Thursday would allow for travel, and give the Committee a chance to meet in advance of the outreach event. Friday morning would allow for the completion of other business, and a chance to discuss the event the night before.  

ACTION: Leslie – send meeting details to Catherine Pinks; DONE

B.    Training
The training budget has not been utilized by the Committee. There was discussion about how best to use that money. There is a chance it may be repurposed for another Youth Symposium.

ACTION: Leslie – look at options for training in Halifax region.

C.    Discussion with Vice-President Sean O’Reilly

Sean O’Reilly attended the second day of the meeting. The Committee discussed the preliminary survey results with him. They also talked about the challenges in getting the survey out and the need for support for the youth committee initiative.

Appendix 1.

Summary of Action Items from Atlantic Young Professionals Committee Meeting May 24-25th
#    Action    Item/Deadline    Completed/Progress

1    Leslie    send March 2018 minutes to Catherine Pinks for posting    DONE
2    Christine    Write up brief document describing the contacts used and steps to getting the survey out to members      
3    Christine    Follow up with PIPSC about the changed questions, and what the PIPSC process is for survey approval    
4    Leslie    Request demographic information    DONE
5    Leslie    Can Stewards get new member lists for their work sites    
6    Leslie    write report on survey results    DONE
7    Leslie    contact winners and get mailing addresses    DONE
8    Christine    mail out gift cards to winners    
9    Allyson    price out pool hall and call Game Café for more price details    
10    Allyson    write and submit ‘Save the Date’ to be sent to young members; send follow up closer to event    
11    Leslie    send meeting details to Catherine Pinks    DONE
12    Leslie    look at options for Training in Halifax region    

Summary of Outstanding Action Items from Atlantic Young Professionals Committee Meeting March 16-17th
#    Action    Item/Deadline    Completed/Progress

1    Christine    Follow up with Better Together on Youth Symposium     
9    Allyson    Call Locus for pricing information    
17    Josh    Newsletter contributor for the Spring/Summer 2018 issue    
18    Colin    Newsletter contributor for the Fall/Winter 2018 issue