Career Development and Training Task Force

According to our 2019 membership survey, career development and training (CDT) is a top priority for seventy percent of PIPSC members – in particular, younger members.

That’s why we’re launching a research project to better understand all aspects of career development and training in the federal public service, such as qualifying for a promotion, attending conferences and staying current with new technology. Learn more about career development and training.

The research project will consist of:

  • a membership-wide survey
  • telephone interviews
  • focus groups
  • analysis and recommendations
  • ongoing member-led solutions development

What will PIPSC research focus on?

In order to effect sustainable change, it is important that PIPSC fully understands the varying issues associated with career development, professional development, and training.

This research will seek to:

  • develop a common understanding of the issues related to career development, professional development and training that PIPSC members are experiencing
  • enhance our understanding of how members experience issues differently
  • develop evidence-based solutions and policy recommendations for our members

About the CDT Task Force

The CDT Task Force will play a key role in consulting members and will help develop the membership survey and other research tools.

Who: A collective of members with unique insight, keen to improve career development and training

Where: Ongoing virtual communication with the possibility of an in-person meeting

When: Active from February to June 2020, with the possibility of the project extending into the fall

Why: To support and advise on the planning, development and implementation of the project

What to expect as a CDT Task Force member

Task force members will review and revise all project components. They will contribute their time on a rotating basis from February to June 2020, with the possibility of the timeframe extending into the fall.

Most task force work will be conducted through email and videoconferencing. Task force members must be available at least once per month to meet virtually. There is also the possibility of an in-person meeting during the project.

The operation of the CDT Task Force is an iterative process – task force members will lead its development. We are eager to accommodate members who may experience barriers to participation.

If you are interested in joining the CDT Task Force, please complete and submit the following application form by February 18, 2020. Members will be chosen and contacted by March 3, 2020.