Treasury Board announces new pension and benefits notification system

Members of the public service pension plan and benefits plans can sign up for a newly launched email notification system.


This service will provide subscribers with important updates to the Public Service Pension Plan, the Public Service Health Care Plan, the Public Service Dental Plan, the Pensioners’ Dental Plan, and any other important employee or retiree benefit offered by the Treasury Board to federal public servants.

This notification service only provides general updates, not personalized information. If you have questions about your individual account, please review our pensions and benefits page for more information. PIPSC recommends that you consult the Treasury Board benefits information page before making any financial decision with respect to your pension, dental, and healthcare plans.

This new service is available for current and retired PIPSC members who belonged to a Treasury Board pension or benefits plans. If you are employed outside of the federal service, please visit our pensions and benefits page for more information.