March 26, 2019

Ad Hoc HR Meeting – Contraction Out

Summary of meeting

A meeting took place on March 26, 2019 between PIPSC representatives and the Director General, Information Management and Information to discuss the situation with regards to the Contracting Out issue at the department.

Present for PIPSC were

  • Mrs. Eva Henshaw, Lead on the Contracting Out Action Plan (COAP)
  • Mr. Barry Hebert, PIPSC Consultation Agent
  • Mr. Paul Weston, CS Steward
  • Mr. Pierre Parent, Consultation Team President

Present for Management were

  • Mrs. Krystina Casey, Director General 
  • Mr. Jean Paul Donoghue, Executive Director
  • Mrs. Ashley Russell, Corporate Labour Relations
  1. The discussion revolved around the intention of the DG to implement a POOL of Consultants that would be available for rapid access by-passing the regular tender process at Public Services and Procurement Canada. Mrs. Henshaw clearly stated that the COAP would continue evaluation any consultation contracts and file grievance if the process did not meet with Article 30 of CS Collective Agreement. Eva raised the situation with regards to the existing grievances as there are 35 active Policy Grievances filed at GAC at the moment with regards to Consultation Contracts.
  1. There was a discussion on the People Strategy being developed by management in order to address the shortage of qualified CS personnel. This involves four criteria

Attract -> Develop -> Reward -> Retain

This plan will be put forward in the near future.  We indicated that the issue of advancement within the department was an issue and the reason behind the recent lost of many mid-level management employees.  The DG indicate being aware of the situation but not concerned.

  1. A discussion with regards to Organizational Workforce and the situation of the lack of personnel was introduce to the table by Consultation President, as out of 611 CS positions at GAC there are 144 vacant position.  The information received from management clearly states that there are presently 171 Consultants/Contractors at GAC and this is perceived as an issue.

Furthermore, we indicated that some of the contracts had been ongoing for over 10 years and were not perceived as actual contracts and should be converted in regular FTE. The DG indicated that she will be addressing a number of the position, i.e. Help Desk and Technical Support would be converted to regular FTE in the near future as there is a plan in motion.

  1. We tried to discuss the various Acting Assignments which have been an issue for years as many employees are in an acting position even if they don’t meet some of the requirements.  The DG would not address this item as it will be part of the upcoming meeting on HRLMCC.
  1. Consultation President raised his concerns with regards to the Foreign Assignment Process and it was decided to leave this discussion for the HRLMCC meeting.

The meeting was adjourned.