Well-being Campaign: December is Inclusion Month

This month, we continue our Well-being Campaign on the theme of Inclusion. An inclusive work environment helps employees thrive, is free of discrimination, harassment and racism, and is emotionally safe. The notion of inclusion emphasizes what brings us together as individuals, not what sets us apart. At ECCC, we know that together we are stronger because of our differences, not in spite of our differences.

Inclusion also encompasses the notion of accessibility. Workplace accessibility enables everyone to participate fully in daily activities and tasks without having to overcome barriers. Familiarize yourself with ECCC’s Accessibility Strategy and continue to be mindful of the need to create an inclusive, accessible, barrier-free public service.

Mental health and inclusion are closely connected. Creating an inclusive work environment allows everyone to feel psychologically safe in the workplace. Throughout the month of December, learn about the impact inclusion and accessibility have on mental health with the tools and resources below. For more information on mental health, please visit the Mental Health Wellness Centre intranet page.

Mark awareness days

  • December 3: The International Day of Persons with Disabilities aims at promoting the full and equal participation of persons with disabilities and taking action for the inclusion of persons with disabilities in all aspects of society. Stay tuned for a message from our Deputy Ministers, Christine Hogan and Dr. Martine Dubuc.
  • December 6: The National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence against Women is about honouring the victims of gender-based violence.
  • December 10: Human Rights Day celebrates the day the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which proclaims that everyone has inalienable rights as a human being, regardless of colour, religion, sex, language or other status.

Participate and promote events

Consult available resources

Learn how to create an inclusive and psychologically healthy work environment for you and your colleagues with the following tools: 

For more information and resources on inclusion, please visit the Diversity and Inclusion intranet page.

Learn about the importance of workplace accessibility with the following tools and resources:

For more information and resources on accessibility, please visit the Accessibility intranet page.

Encourage participation by younger employees

The Innovation and Youth Engagement Division (IYED) support ECCC’s commitment to building an innovative ecosystem by implementing best practices, building innovation capacity, and engaging with youth both within and outside the department. IYED’s Youth Engagement Unit in particular can help your own branch, division, or work unit by providing your expertise on how to engage with youth to encourage meaningful engagement.

If you have questions about IYED, or would like a consultation on how to better engage with youth within your own projects, please contact Holly Palen.

Get involved

Accessibility is everyone’s business! Make a commitment to ECCC by considering joining the Persons with Disabilities Network (PwDN). The PwDN provides a safe space for members to discuss issues related to disability and accessibility. On behalf of the PwDN, the Disability and Accessibility Champions, Helen Ryan and Nicole Cote, bring these issues forward to find solutions to create a barrier-free and inclusive workplace. All employees with disabilities or allies are welcome to join the PwDN. If you are interested, please send an email to the coordinator.

Check out the various employees’ communities and networks, and get involved to broaden your awareness about the rich diversity of Canada.

Thank you for your ongoing efforts to promote a healthy and respectful workplace.


Diane Campbell
Assistant Deputy Minister, MSC

Healthy and Respectful Workplace and Mental Health


Waheed Khan
President, National Consultation Team

Healthy and Respectful Workplace and Mental Health