Your Bargaining Team met with the Company in Conciliation on Sept 19th to 21st 2018, with help of the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service. The issues discussed were hours of work and shifts, economic increases and merit pay, Company procedures, non-continuing personnel, internal competitions and transfers, termination compensation and duration of the contract.

The Company provided it’s ‘Best and Final Offer’ economic increase of 1.5%/yr and a 2.05%/yr merit increase with a five year contract duration. This includes a wage reopener in July 2019, to possibly negotiate a higher economic increase and merit.  A move to 40 hour work week (5 days x 8 hours) with accompanying 6 2/3% increase and a trial of the 4 days by 10 hour work week on a project basis.

You are invited to attend a lunch and learn on Friday September 28th from 12:00 to 13:00 to review the offer from the Company.

The full offer will be provided to you for ratification after September 28th. Your bargaining team is remaining neutral on the recommendation of offer.

The electronic ratification vote will be held and exact dates will be provided at the lunch and learn.