The Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada

WFCC Executive Meeting - December 27, 2023

Call to Order:

Rob called meeting to Order

Location: St. Catharines           

Date:   27 DEC 2023            

Time: 6:30 p.m.

Attendance: Rob Hancock, Cyndy Hogan, Shannon Dutkus

Financial Report

Motion to Approve.  Moved by Shannon.  Seconded by Cyndy

  • 2023/2024 Budget finalized
  • To be submitted by Shannon to PIPSC Finance

Committee Reports

  1. Vance submitted to hospital our Bill 124 re-negotiations: WFCC group is awaiting final decision from hospital.
    1. Cannot set Collective Agreement bargaining date until re-opener has been settled - PIPSC has set a goal to have Collective Bargaining dates set by March 2024
  2. Grievances – 4 active: 3 individual, 1 group
    1. Awaiting Arbitration for group CPR grievance

New Business

Collective Agreement Review & Amendments

Meeting with Vance Coulas, date TBD


Robert adjourned the meeting at 8 p.m.

Date of next meeting TBD.

Minutes submitted by: Shannon Dutkus, PIPSC-WFCCSecretary/Treasurer