SUN-RT Group Executive Elections - 2018 NOMINATION FORM

I, ________________________________ (please print) hereby express my willingness to be a candidate in the 2018

SUN-RT Group elections for one of the following positions.

Please check the box for the position that you intend to run for office (check one only):

  • President – two-year term


  • Treasurer – two-year term


  • Member-at-Large – two-year term


DATE _____________________________

Preferred Telephone Contact #:   _________________________________

Preferred Contact Email Address:   _______________________________

Candidates are invited to include a brief résumé, in MS Word format only, of their experience and objectives. Each résumé shall be no more than 200 words, in English, or 225 words in French. Please include your name, the position sought and your membership status at the beginning of your résumé; (they will not be included in the word-count limit).  No Photographs and/or graphics will be accepted. 

Please note that it is the responsibility of the candidates to review their résumés before they are submitted.  They will not be proofread, and corrections will not be made by the Elections Committee. They will be inserted into the Elections newsletter as submitted by the candidates; truncated to the applicable word count limit, if required.

Each nomination must be supported by at least two (2) members in good-standing of the SUN-RT Group.

The following members in good standing of the SUN-RT Group sponsor me for nomination to the Group Executive. Both signature and clearly printed name are required.

Name: (Please print clearly) / Date: / Signature:

1.____________________________ / _____________ / ________________________________

2.____________________________ / _____________ / ________________________________

Scanned nomination forms (.pdf file) and résumés (MS Word), must be attached to an email submission to to the attention of Aline Fournier.  Aline will send a confirmation of receipt to the email address indicated on your nomination form.  If you do not receive a confirmation, then please contact Aline at before the deadline.


The deadline for submission of nomination forms and résumés is June 11, 2018 @ 12:00 PM (noon) Ottawa time.

The Elections Committee shall scrutinize the nominations for eligibility and, if necessary, arrange for ballots to be distributed, on June 27, 2018, to all members eligible to vote in the election.  The deadline for the return of ballots will be July 25, 2018 @ 12:00 PM (noon) Ottawa time, and the newly elected Executive shall take office immediately following the announcement of the results of the election. 

Call For Nomination

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